HIGHLIGHT: Jorma Tommila, Rauno Juvonen, Antti Reini and Oiva Lohtander frontal naked in JOULUBILEET

This has to be one of the best scenes in male nudity history. Four straight men struggling completely naked, accidentally rubbing their dicks on each other. Jorma is the hottest and biggest one (and mostly exposed). Rauno is very small and I love the moment we see his tiny penis and balls flop between his legs! Antti’s cock is average to small. Oiva’s is nonexistent and very difficult to even see.

One of the best moments, we see Rauno’s tiny mushroom cock hop! Amazing…

Rauno falls back opening his legs, we see his small cock dangle and his balls in full display!

Rauno sweepingly brushes his arm over Jorma’s body, accidentally squeezing his cock and balls!! Jorma’s penis crazily flops in the air. So awkward and sexy at the same time…


This is probably the most iconic male nude scene that has ever existed and an all-time fav of mine.

Thank you finland!

Part 2 (frontals): http://sendvid.com/cw3iwphd

Part 1 (sauna): http://sendvid.com/xcbpspmc

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