[REPOST] Kai Schumann frontal naked in Jana und der Buschpilot Streit der Staemme

Something very small flops down there…

[REPOST] Kai Schumann frontal naked [CFMN, CMNM, SMALL] in Jana und der Buschpilot Streit der Staemme – Kai has done several nude scenes in the past but his front was always conveniently obstructed from view. This is the only scene we get to see everything, we don’t see much though!

Kai’s towel falls to the ground and in an attempt to retrieve it he jumps out of the public shower. We quickly see his balls and something very small flop between his legs! Eva and his rival Simon Boer are there, so he embarrassingly jumps back worried they might see his little dicklet! 

Fortunately, nobody noticed him…

Hottie Simon Boer arrives with a big looking bulge… He has flowers for her.

Kai is jealous…

Ops… He will probably have to return completely naked after all!

+ BONUS Kai Schumann thrown in a bin naked in series Heldt

Also check out Kai Schumann’s frontal naked scene in Mord mit Aussicht were his penis seems to be digitally altered.

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