[HIGHLIGHT] Jörg Hartmann frontal naked in Die Vermisse Frau

Jorg’s open butthole is showing!

[HIGHLIGHT] Jörg Hartmann frontal naked [SMALL, BALLS, BUTTHOLE] in Die Vermisse Frau – Jörg decided to show everything this year and wow what an amazing way to do it. The scene starts with Jörg lying in bed and I love how explicitly his incredible, firm buttocks are exposed with his dark hole and ball sack being visible. Afterwards, we get an amazing view between his legs as he spreads them open to get up and you can even see the scrotum bag going down his butthole! His small, flaccid dick stays buried in his squeezed testicles as they beautifully slide on his thighs. Just wow.

Love his cute, uncut little dicklet!

So sexy…

Jörg Hartmann wide open…

His redish anus hole is showing!

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