Wojciech Zielinski (accidentally?) frontal naked in Hustawka

Wojciech Zielinski (accidentally?) frontal naked [SMALL, BALLS] in Hustawka – This is the only frontal nudity by the polish hottie Wojciech Zielinski. In the whole movie frontal is avoided, so it makes me a bit curious if this was accidental. His girlfriend suddenly jumps out of bed and Wojciech kinda tries to grab the sheet and keep it in place. But it slips from his hand exposing his soft little penis and pair of balls! It happens so fast and Wojciech stays with an awkward expression without immediately realizing he showed everything.


Grabbing the sheet to cover up… 


The bed sheet slips away and Wojciech is fully exposed! Ops…


His small flaccid cock appears along with his ball sack.


I love how you can see his scrotum bag going down his hole.


Wojciech Zielinski nago o Hustawka

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