Cesare Bocci frontal naked in Princesa

Cesare Bocci frontal naked [SMALL, FINGERED, CFNM] in Princesa

I didn’t know about this hot Italian daddy but when I found this scene I was delighted. It starts with Cesare at bed, getting his butthole fingered by his girlfriend! He immediately seems aroused by the touch in his hole. When he admits he likes it, she smacks him in the face calling him “Bastard” and leaves him high and dry at bed. Cesare then lies there completely naked with his soft little dick fully exposed, crying…

Begging her to stay…

Right at the end of the scene, Cesare lets his small flaccid cock show.

His balls look big though…

Looks short and pointy…

Also showed some butt in series Una Grande Famiglia:

Cesare Bocci nudo nel film Princesa

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