Oscar Isaac naked in Dune [UPDATE]

There is some talk about these photos being a scam. You can see the full thing from two different angles. This is no cut and pasting photoshop magic. Anyone can contact me for other example-photos to know what to expect.

For your information:

-Oscar’s nudity in episode 4 of Scenes from a Marriage is a prosthetic. It doesn’t look nearly close to what’s on these photos.

-The actor said in an interview he was not aware they were gonna show the full thing. This is totally impossible. All actors agree what will be shown on their contracts before shooting.

-Full frontal of the actor in another scene of the HBO show was removed, as the actor was not wearing any prosthetic.

-As you will find out yourself, Oscar is actually circumcised. He is Jewish from the side of his father. All Jews are circumcised at birth. 😉

Robin Hood:

2 thoughts on “Oscar Isaac naked in Dune [UPDATE]

  1. May I please see these uncensored? I appreciate the beauty of a small cock. Thank you

    Bede Stevens

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