2023: Micropenis gets the Spotlight!

The year that passed was a difficult one in general but also for male nudity. The volume of male nudity was significantly lower compared to other years while prosthetics was also on the rise, unfortunately. However, there were also some very notable scenes of small penis nudity, one of my favs being the embarrassment scene from Luis Zahera in Wrong Side of the Tracks and the ball-flopping scene by Maxence Tual in Platonique and of course Kevin Janssens staying naked through a whole movie in Samuel’s Travels was one of the highlights.

Get ready for the sexiest year ever!

2023 is going to be all about the micropenis, which makes a strong comeback. Prepare for the biggest taboo in male nudity history to be abolished. The type of male genitalia that is considered by many as odd-looking, ridiculous or even appalling and has been out of sight and censored by most media until today, is actually an extremely sexy attribute for many. Few of the most famous and sexy male actors actually have micropenis! I am very positive that this year more of these never-seen-naked before actors will finally reveal their small gear, paving the way for more inclusive nudity.

(Parts of these photos are edited from original for demonstrating purposes)

HBO’s ridiculously fake prosthetics (and some really good ones)

HBO continues to promote unrealistic standards with ridiculously big and fake prosthetics. In one of the most recent examples, Theo James appears in white Lotus with a huge fake donkey cock hanging between his legs. The actor confirmed it was indeed a prosthetic also commenting on the ridiculous size. Ironically, Theo also appears naked in almost every scene of The Time Traveler’s Wife without wearing any prosthetics but the director uses certain angles to avoid any frontal. However, in many action-packed scenes there are moments Theo’s penis slips into frame. And guess what! His penis is carefully removed from every single one of these scenes!

We enhanced a cap from Time Traveler’s Wife where Theo Jame’s flaccid penis appears within frame. It’s small, cute and actually humane comparing to the awfully huge prosthetic with no balls.

Oscar Isaac never addressed the fake prosthetic in Scene’s from a Marriage. that almost everyone believed was real. The actor also appears with an uncut penis while the real thing is cut (…and a bit smaller) I admit that it looks fairly real.

This was probably an aesthetic decision and I cannot but wonder if Oscar had the option to go au naturel or if it was a producer’s/director call.


If you wander around the deep web corners of male nudity, you will discover that a community with love for the micropenis exists. People who have a micro and people who actively search for it. Videos online are pretty scarce but you will always see many praising comments below them. Innies, manginas, little shrimps or tiny mushrooms are only a few of micropenis types you can find out there, each of them with a unique way to handle and play with!

Tyler Labine looking breath-takingly sexy in a scene from Deadbeat that’s unlike anything we have ever seen. (Unfortunately video is censored)

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