Colin Firth REWIND: His best naked moments

Colin Firth is one of the most charming British actors with a bright acting career which skyrocketed after his role of Mr. Darcy in BBC’s adaptation of “Pride and Prejudice” following with multiple awards -among them an Oscar for The King’s Speech- and many other nominations as well. His career is also full of memorable naked moments. Unfortunately, Colin Firth’s full frontal was never shown in any of his films due to his extremely small and unconventionally shaped micropenis that is still a taboo for the film industry. His nudity timeline is full of very revealing appearances that are worth remembering. Let’s dive in…


Early Years: The Brave Era

1. The Advocate (1993) – “A Bold Start”

Quite early in his career around his 30s, Colin appears completely naked on set in a steam room scene for the film The Advocate. The actor doesn’t seem to wear any protection (modesty patches were not so famous back then) and enters in a room full of people. Doing such a scene, with your micropenis out in the open in a crowded room is definitely not an easy task, so Colin was very brave here. It’s worth noting that actors at the time didn’t have to worry about camera phones or social media or any leak from the inside.

So moving on, along with a fully naked Ian Holm, they walk into the water and if you look closely you can see that Colin is not wearing anything underneath…

Giving some clarity reveals Colin’s squeezed micropenis between his thighs and Ian’s regular sized cock!

Of coursethe viewers only got to see his bare buttocks in another spicy scene from the same film. Colin conveniently has his front facing away from the camera…

1. Playmaker (1994) “So close to Full Frontal”

In 1994’s drama Playmaker, Colin gets so close to full frontal but once again it “gets the axe” (no pun intended). Wet and completely naked behind a glass wall, he slowly gets out of shower and flashes Jennifer Rubin with the shocking view of his inny micropenis.

If you look closely he seems to be rubbing it once with his two fingers before he expose it to her.

She gets a good peek at it but manages to keep a straight face…

Colin might have been very embarrassed during this scene but nothing shows. It’s amazing how confident he looks as he walks past her to achieve the seductive nature of this film’s character. Proof of the great actor he is.

From Mr. Darcy to Fame: Taking a Break from Nudity

3. Pride and Prejudice (1995) “Shying away”

One year later, a scene in Pride and Prejudice requires Colin to go skinny-dipping in a lake as the charming Mr. Darcy. Colin at the time didn’t felt like doing it and requested for the script to be changed and have him clothed in this scene.

The writer of the film Andrew Davies argued that it made more sense for his character to be fully naked:

“Darcy was an actual man but he spent all his time being constrained by demands of society.” […] “It’s a hot day, he arrives at this lake – so I thought he would strip completely off and dive down and just become a creature, an animal, just for once.”

I don’t know the reason why – maybe they felt it would have taken too long to get him undressed. They could have always cut to him standing on the bank diving in naked so it might have been something about Colin’s anxiety about love handles or something.

The Times reported that afterwards Andrew said

I suspect we wouldn’t have have been allowed to get away with full frontal. I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t.

further implying Colin’s shortages as being the reason. However, giving some clarity to Colin’s wet clothes in the lake scene reveals a lot (or a tiny bit for that matter…)

Mr. Darcy was a huge success setting the ground for Colin Firth’s big career. The British actor gains a huge following. mostly women who are very curious to see him go full frontal. But that’s where Colin gets a break from nudity and and never shoots a nude scene for the next 13 years! The rising of the internet brings celebrity photos in the click of a button and fans start to notice his empty bulge in most photos…

2007-Now: Liberation Era

4. Where The Truth Lies (2007) – “Naked Again”

After 13 years of no skin, Colin returns impressively liberated from any exposure anxiety in a threesome scene with Kevin Bacon and Rachel Blanchard. It’s the first time we see Colin in such an erotic scene…

He wants to participate but aims for Kevin… As soon as he takes his robe, he immediately sticks behind him before anything is seen.

He seems to be fully naked without any protection which means Kevin could feel his wrinkly micro rubbing his butt…

5. When Did You Last See Your Father? (2007)

One of the steamiest naked moments comes in When Did You Last See Your Father? where we see Colin in a very personal moment in the bathtub. Enhancing those blurry waters reveals his gorgeously flat crotch…

6. A Single Man

In the “Single Man” Colin embraces his homosexual side in the role of George, an English professor trying to cope in 60s Los Angeles after the death of his boyfriend. In this film, Colin finally makes up for that skinny-dipping scene in Pride and Prejudice and drops all of his clothes to join Nicholas Hoult. His front is not shown in the film but we exclusively have the full thing.

Colin strips down revealing a swirly and wrinkly pee-hole glued to his testicles, what the nudity community describes as a “manly clit” due to its shaftless nature. Amazing…

6. Kingsman: The Golden Circle – “That bulging moment”

When you’re a famous actor, it’s impossible to keep your manhood a secret even if you want to. There are always scenes that accidentally reveal more. For example, the scene where we saw the most of Colin is actually one in which he is fully clothed! In a scene from “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” he is locked in a cell that fills up with water.


The level of the water quickly rises and we are about to witness Colin’s wet and flat bulge being revealed!

The water drips over Colins bulge, that curiously looks very bumped up and if you look closely you can notice his micropenis “lips” being outlined over his wet pants…

Is it possible that Colin got a bit turned on during that scene? Or did he wore some kind of patch in that area to avoid the completely bulgeless look?

Halle Berry and Mark Strong have fully inspected everything up-close…

What’s next for Colin?

The cute British actor has given us many sexy moments to look back to. I believe that if Colin was allowed to, he would show his jewels in some of his past films. Unfortunately, micropenises are still censored in movies and Hollywood is quite conservative in the depiction of male genitalia. Hopefully this will change in the near future. What’s next for Colin? In the age of 63 I doubt he will continue to do nude scenes. However, his latest work has made a shift from extremely mainstream films. Could this long timeline of nudity continue in more unconventional movie maybe? We would love to see more if he is up for it!

[EXCLUSIVE:] Albert Einstein naked [PHOTO]

It appears that no matter the year or century, the technological advances, Instagram or no Instagram, one thing stays the same: Men love to take photos of their penis. Albert Einstein, the famous German-Swiss physicist is no exception. During this shooting at Princeton by photographer Orren Jack Turner, Albert sneakily took his penis out of his pants! This is what was revealed after restoring the rest of the photo.

Was Albert a pervert or was he so smart that he actually knew this could be possible to discover in the future? Did this big genius left this treat behind on purpose? We’ll never know.

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10 Sexy Actors with Micropenis You Didn’t Know Of

Being an actor with a micropenis can be a very stressful and career-defining situation. You turn down all the roles that include nudity, you always fear that in an intimate scene your co-actress might accidentally touch that area or constantly worry about a completely flat bulge.

Unfortunately, the sight of a micropenis is still a taboo in entertainment and always get the censor treatment. How can a man with a micropenis feel represented when all he sees in TV and Cinema are big schlongs? How many men feel depressed and isolated because of this? Shouldn’t we start to feel more comfortable with an extremely small penis?


In fact, there are many incredibly sexy actors who hide a little secret in their pants and managed to keep it away from public eyes for years. Some of them are extremely famous and you can’t even guess who they are.

Away from the lights of entertainment, men with micros have become increasingly popular the past few years, thanks to online communities that loves a supersmall cock as a fetish or kink. A superflat, bulgeless crotch is becoming a new sensation for all the fetishers who always love to look down there while from the side of small men themselves it is proudly emphasized, with very tight pants as they provoke, seduce or just wink-wink their manly clit at their chasers. Will it ever stop being a taboo for actors and celebrities as well? I believe we’re getting there.

Some of the most famous celebrities and actors hide a micro in their pants. And knowing so gives power and strength to all of you who might suffer from it. Let’s see who they are!

1. Jean Dujardin

Jean Dujardin accidentally flashed his micropenis in Wolf of Wallstreet

The French actor started his career as a comedian but later on he shifted his career by taking part to more artistic films with the film “The Artist” earning him a series of awards. Jean came close to nudity numerous times but always kept his front a secret.

In 2009, he starred in the film OSS 117: Lost in Rio where in a shirtless scene Jean accidentally (?) “outed” his micro. Having to wear a pair of very tight vintage swim shorts and avoid “outlining” anything, the way the production patched his bulge actually resulted in a much worse situation, giving him the weirdest flat bulge, something that looks much more like a vagina:

It could also be Jean’s way of saying “this is all of me down there” not caring at all about his shortage. For example in another moment from the same movie, where he has his robe provocatively open, just enough to show that nothing hangs out of it.

There are scenes that he appeared in undies that show quite a bulge down there, but it seems it was made too look puffy for him to grab it.

Jean Dujardin: actor francés, ganador del Oscar y dueño de la sonrisa  más sexy. - Página 10 - Xtasis : Un Foro de Hombres... para Hombres

2. James Van Der Beek

James Van Der Beek, the fairly handsome American actor known for his role in Dawson’s Creek, has probably never been naked in a film set! He has NEVER EVER shown his butt and he has only done very few shirtless underwear scenes. Even his shirtless appearances in Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 where pixelated!

The sexy actor seems to shiver from fear at the idea of getting naked for a scene. In an episode of What would Diplo Do? he had to lose his towel in a hotel corridor and run completely naked. Everything was censored, which means James did the scene wearing skin colored pants.

His only naked moment is in Friends with better Lives were he is tied naked on bed covering his modesty with cable lights!

3. George Clooney

George Clooney has kept his micropenis a secret

Ever wondered why one of the sexiest actors of all time has never appeared fully naked all these years? George Clooney has been avoiding nudity throughout his career, with his naked scenes count on the fingers of one hand.

Apart from a hint of butt in Solaris and stripping to some pretty flat underwear in front of Jennifer Lopez, Clooney hasn’t showed much in any of his films. In some of his older photos his bulge appears empty, flat and pushed inwards…

HIs bulge is pushed inwards…

Rumor has it that George is very small and wrinkly down there which is probably the reason he shies away from doing nude scenes. This is so awkward for a sex symbol like Clooney. I wonder how many roles he rejected because of that.

4. Colin Firth

Right: Colin Firth flashes his privates to Jennifer Rubin in Playmaker (1994)

Colin Firth, the British actor that everyone loves, was always considered sexy and charming. Early in his career he dived right into the deep waters of nudity, in Valmont (1989), The Advocate (1993) and in 1994’s drama Playmaker showing his butt. In his 30s at the time, Colin gets out of shower completely naked and flashes everything in front of Jennifer Rubin. The full thing was never shown.

Colin Firth shows his butt in The Advocate (1993)

One year later, in Pride and Prejudice, the script requires Colin to enter a lake completely naked in the now iconic scene. The writer of the film Andrew Davies said he planned for Mr. Darcy to be fully naked:

“Darcy was an actual man but he spent all his time being constrained by demands of society. He’d just spent weeks and months in London being polite with a group of stuffy people. He would have had a few hours in which he could be blissfully alone. It’s a hot day, he arrives at this lake – so I thought he would strip completely off and dive down and just become a creature, an animal, just for once.” Davies added: “I don’t know the reason why – maybe they felt it would have taken too long to get him undressed. They could have always cut to him standing on the bank diving in naked so it might have been something about Colin’s anxiety about love handles or something.” 

Mr. Darcy’s wet shirt was actually pretty revealing…

The Times reports that Davies said afterwards: “I suspect we wouldn’t have have been allowed to get away with full frontal. I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t.” I can kind of imagine why.

And that’s where Colin takes a big break from nudity. It’s a bit weird how he started his career with so many nude scenes and suddenly he shies away from a skinny-dipping scene and never shoots a nude scene for the next 13 years! Whatever it was, Colin decided to return back to his old glory, in 2007, in a threesome scene with Kevin Bacon and Rachel Blanchard and a very steamy bathtub scene in When did you last see your Father? Colin seems to have liberated from that point on with almost every of his next films featuring some nudity!

In 2008, in an interview in Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show, Firth spends 7 minutes describing how a fan or paparazzi tried to snap a pic of his manhood in a public toilet saying he tried to push the camera away to protect his modesty but added: “It’s hard to do when you’re not entirely in your pants” A lot of questions of course arise like why go to a standing toilet when you have a weewee down there? Isn’t like… sitting… required?

In another interview he actually admitted “his penis is nothing to write home about!”

Too bad, that means we will never get a proper Colin Firth frontal. Sad face.

5. Joe Manganiello

Joe Manganiello is known to have a micropenis

It’s actually not a secret in Hollywood circles that Joe has a man-clit down there. His nickname “Bick Dick Richie” in Magic Mike, was reportedly an inside joke and nod to his little piece of manhood. To be honest, we love everything about him. His body is amazingly sexy, he is incredibly handsome and for a guy with a micro he has done countless nude scenes!

“That moment” in True Blood

The naked scene in True Blood that many viewers noticed something was missing.

Eagle-eyed True Blood viewers have paused a sex scene from True Blood pointing out the actor’s shortages, where Joe either didn’t wear a cock sock or he might have drop it while throwing his co-actress to bed. The scene was very dark and probably edited making impossible to see anything. For the first time, we reveal Joe’s micropenis in True Blood! What surprises me is that he seems to even have a little bush down there! Wow.

We believe that a micropenis is extremely sexy, especially on a muscle-built guy like Joe Manganiello. There’s nothing sexier than a huge, ripped body that when stripped completely a tiny surprise awaits…

6. Clark Gregg

Clark Gregg is so fucking adorable! The supercute, beloved Agent of Shield has one of the best types of micropenis for licking, as he is completely shaftless down there! Once you dive into that swirly, wrinkled softie, you can barely stop. His big, shaggy ball sack is so great for grabing.

The ageless daddy has never appeared naked apart from some very sexy shirtless scenes in “The New Adventures of Old Christine“, including a bed scene where the sheets provocatively lay on his crotch, outlining a flat bulge.

His fish portrait is the closest Clark ever got to showing his clit dick fully.

Maybe we should see Clark in a more artistic film if we want to get our hopes up in seeing his shocking full frontal. It would be one of the sexiest moments in male nudity history, for sure.

7. Corey Stoll

Corey Stoll has a shrimp sized micropenis

Most of you know him from House of Cards or as Dr. Ephraim Goodweather from horror drama The Strain. Apart from the incredible talent he is, Corey Stoll is also one of the most lovable american actors. He is sexy but also very cute at the same time, like he has the correct amount of both! Which is what makes him so charming and attractive in my eyes.

Nudity wise, Corey hasn’t shown much so far and we probably won’t be seeing any full frontal from him any time sooner. Down there is only a shrimp-sized cute uncut little willy… the cutest cock ever! Of course this only makes Corey Stoll even sexier for us.

I mean imagine entering the shower, greeted by this…

So, is how comfortable is Corey with nudity?

Butt naked in House of Cards

We briefly saw Corey’s butt getting while out of bed in House of Cards, but was he really naked during the sex scene under the sheets? The answer is no. If you look closely he is actually wearing a protective pouch to hide his privates and prevent any… awkward touching during the scene.

You can see his skin being pulled by the sticky patch

Embracing his gay side

However one of the most shockingly unexpected scenes was in Girls. Corey spread his legs open wide in the air for Andrew Rannells in a gay sex scene, that left us shocked. While there is no extreme nudity (and most likely there were modesty patches involved) it’s amazing that he dared to do this and embraced his gay side only leaving us drooling for more…

Getting pounded like there’s no tomorrow….

In his photoshoot for GQ magazine he appeared wearing some pretty tight pair of pants, giving away a lot while also… withholding everything!

8. David Harbour

David Harbour’s micropenis is shaftless

David Harbour is the sexy but also adorable American daddy actor everybody loves. He always transforms for every role he takes. From a scruffy, beardy, muscle-bearish look in Black Widow to a more retro, daddy, ‘stache look in Stranger Things, he looks great in every one of them.

In an episode of Stranger Things, we briefly saw his shaftless micropenis before he quickly pulls the sheet to hide it in front of a shocked Winona Ryder!

Belly definitely looks good on him, especially with the mustache. The ultimate daddy!

His hottest moment so far is a disinfestation scene, where David had to stay with his micro exposed in front of the entire crew while two men clean him from top to bottom… A fully naked and wet David Harbour in front of two men who rub him everywhere. Can it get any better than that?

It actually can! David was recently in a photoshoot for GQ wearing a kilt by Thom Browne joining the movement for a pantsless future for men. Isn’t it sexy that he’s wearing nothing underneath besides the kilt!?

Will David ever go full frontal? It doesn’t seem very likely. Maybe if he starts picking more arty films. Let’s see…

9. Richard Dreyfuss

The shaftless innie micropenis of Richard Dreyfuss we never saw…

Richard Dreyfuss has always been a handsome man. Even today, he is still a very attractive daddy. What I love about him is that he was also funny and goofy in his roles. The closest he ever got to being naked was in 1977’s romantic comedy “The Goodbye Girl” as Elliot Garfield, an actor struggling in New York.

In a scene, Richard is seen in his bedroom playing the guitar fully naked. Dreyfuss looked very sexy with his hairy chest and only the music instrument covering his privates. While we never saw Richard’s shaftless innie behind the guitar, the part earned him an oscar and became — at that time — the youngest actor to win the Academy Award for Best Actor!

Richard’s untidy hair and little beard make for a very charming look…

But have we seen everything from Richard?

Dreyfuss recently appeared naked in the poster of Killing Winston Jones proving he may still be up to the task. It is unknown if he had a nude scene in this film as its release was cancelled due to the sexual assault charges made against Danny Masterson and the resulting criminal trial. However, if Richard is still willing to do it… I would love to see it!

10. Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ

One of the most handsome actors in the world has a micropenis

Named by many as the most beautiful man in the world, Turkish actor Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ is admittedly extremely handsome. But the actor has shied away from sex scenes, keeping under wraps what’s down there…

The Turkish hunk while he hasn’t done any nudity as an actor, he appeared in some very sexy photo shootings in his model days. In one photo he is completely naked, only covering his crotch with a very thin garment. Giving some clarity and his shaftless microdick appears more clearly!

His bulge also seems superflat in most of his photos:

What’s Next?

Some of the sexiest men in the world hide a very special piece inside their pants… and there are many more! Is the world ready to embrace their uniqueness? Will the image of extremely small genitalia continue to be a taboo for TV and Film? Will it stopped be considered as unphotogenic?


Send in your own photos! Pose with your micropenis out and join the movement of accepting! All your amazing photos will be uploaded as a big collage in an upcoming post.

[EXCLUSIVE:] Chris Hemsworth’s huge prosthetic cock in Thor: Love And Thunder + Uncensored Butt

Fans are getting crazy over naked Thor in the upcoming Love And Thunder trailer. Zeus (played by Russel Crowe) leaves Thor stark naked, tearing his cape with a snap of his finger in front of everyone. I am sure everyone is wondering if Chris Hemsworth was actually fully naked during this scene. The answer of course is no. He is wearing what it seems to be an extremely huge prosthetic cock, probably to look proportionally correct with a god’s body. Gotta love Marvel’s attention to detail!

Here’s the full dong/balls prosthetic:

This looks a bit heavier than Thor’s hammer. My guess is they are going to show it hang between his legs from behind, which is why they probably blurred the butt shot in the trailer:

And there it is, hanging like horse dick. It will be so fun if they actually go ahead and show it. Even if it’s fake it gives superhero movies a new edge and immediately puts them in adult territory. It’s about time we saw more nudity in mainstream cinema.

What’s under the prosthetic?

Wanna see what the real Thor looks like? Use the Contact Page to learn more…

Ben Affleck’s fake penis in Gone Girl and his real penis

Ben Affleck frontal naked in Gone Girl
The prosthetic was so huge there was no room left for debate

When Gone Girl came out, there was a huge debate whether the huge cock shown in Ben Affleck’s shower scene was real or a prosthetic. There was a lot of people stupid enough to believe that monster-cock was actually Ben. It looked more fake than the Justice League CGI!

The story repeats itself with Oscar Isaac, who appeared with a fake prosthetic in a sex scene in HBO’s Scenes from a Marriage.

Ben’s flaccid cock looks delicious!

However there was a moment that Ben Affleck actually appears completely naked in front of Rosamund Pike, but she only gets to see his meat, not the audience. As you can see in the exclusive photo, Rosamund was greeted with something that looks extremely smaller, uncut and pointy!

Small and Cute!

While I was never a huge fan of Ben Affleck, I have to admit that his flaccid, uncut cock looks unexpectedly sexy! It seems to be on the shorter side but quite thick, too. I hope he really considers to do a real frontal scene. Imagine this amazing package dangling as he walks! So sexy. He looks way hotter without any ridiculous fake horse-dicks.

Also Check out:

Oscar Isaac’s fake prosthetic in Scenes from A Marriage and his real penis [SMALL]

[EXCLUSIVE] Sam Elliot frontal naked in The Legacy (1984)

The sexiest hairy chest from the 70s belongs to Sam Elliot, an actor who everyone still finds incomparably attractive as he never lost his sex-symbol status. His deep voice, his greatly built hairy body and his impressive mustache has always left women (and men) drooling over him.

In one of his most iconic scenes from The Legacy (1987), that no one can forget, he appears completely naked. We see his well-shaped buttocks as he enters the shower and then his incredibly hot hairy chest as the water drips over him.

Unfortunately Sam Elliot has never went full frontal all these years which is obviously a shame. For the first time ever you can now see him fully naked in the shower in an exclusive photo.

You will be shocked at how huge his cock is as well as with the amount of bush down there. There are no men like him anymore.

Only for the collectors among the fans of this blog, prepare your wallets!