[EXCLUSIVE:] Chris Hemsworth’s huge prosthetic cock in Thor: Love And Thunder + Uncensored Butt

Fans are getting crazy over naked Thor in the upcoming Love And Thunder trailer. Zeus (played by Russel Crowe) leaves Thor stark naked, tearing his cape with a snap of his finger in front of everyone. I am sure everyone is wondering if Chris Hemsworth was actually fully naked during this scene. The answer of course is no. He is wearing what it seems to be an extremely huge prosthetic cock, probably to look proportionally correct with a god’s body. Gotta love Marvel’s attention to detail!

Here’s the full dong/balls prosthetic:

This looks a bit heavier than Thor’s hammer. My guess is they are going to show it hang between his legs from behind, which is why they probably blurred the butt shot in the trailer:

And there it is, hanging like horse dick. It will be so fun if they actually go ahead and show it. Even if it’s fake it gives superhero movies a new edge and immediately puts them in adult territory. It’s about time we saw more nudity in mainstream cinema.

What’s under the prosthetic?

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Ben Affleck’s fake penis in Gone Girl and his real penis

Ben Affleck frontal naked in Gone Girl
The prosthetic was so huge there was no room left for debate

When Gone Girl came out, there was a huge debate whether the huge cock shown in Ben Affleck’s shower scene was real or a prosthetic. There was a lot of people stupid enough to believe that monster-cock was actually Ben. It looked more fake than the Justice League CGI!

The story repeats itself with Oscar Isaac, who appeared with a fake prosthetic in a sex scene in HBO’s Scenes from a Marriage.

Ben’s flaccid cock looks delicious!

However there was a moment that Ben Affleck actually appears completely naked in front of Rosamund Pike, but she only gets to see his meat, not the audience. As you can see in the exclusive photo, Rosamund was greeted with something that looks extremely smaller, uncut and pointy!

Small and Cute!

While I was never a huge fan of Ben Affleck, I have to admit that his flaccid, uncut cock looks unexpectedly sexy! It seems to be on the shorter side but quite thick, too. I hope he really considers to do a real frontal scene. Imagine this amazing package dangling as he walks! So sexy. He looks way hotter without any ridiculous fake horse-dicks.

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[EXCLUSIVE] Sam Elliot frontal naked in The Legacy (1984)

The sexiest hairy chest from the 70s belongs to Sam Elliot, an actor who everyone still finds incomparably attractive as he never lost his sex-symbol status. His deep voice, his greatly built hairy body and his impressive mustache has always left women (and men) drooling over him.

In one of his most iconic scenes from The Legacy (1987), that no one can forget, he appears completely naked. We see his well-shaped buttocks as he enters the shower and then his incredibly hot hairy chest as the water drips over him.

Unfortunately Sam Elliot has never went full frontal all these years which is obviously a shame. For the first time ever you can now see him fully naked in the shower in an exclusive photo.

You will be shocked at how huge his cock is as well as with the amount of bush down there. There are no men like him anymore.

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