Billy Burns Exposed – Dick Slip in Cowboys vs. Panthers

NRL star Billy Burns had his big cock accidentally exposed during Cowboys vs Panthers last week! The Penrith Panthers star, 21 was wrestled to the floor by his opponent pulling his shorts to the side and letting his… panther slip out! We see Bill’s cock flops out as he is pulled down, and he immediately sighs awkwardly as he gets up to tuck it back in.

One of his testicles also slips out

To make matters worse, the referee gave a penalty AGAINST the Panthers for obstruction.

Photos of the wardrobe malfunction quickly began to circulate on social media. The match was broadcasting live on both Channel 9 and Fox Sports, so the embarrassing wardrobe malfunction of the Australian star was quite viral. Live TV only ❤

Billy’s dick looks big and meaty. It seems to be uncut, cause it looks kinda pointy! I love his expression as he realizes everything is out of his shorts. He gets up and puts it back inside like nothing happened!

It’s probably going to be a rough week for Bill Burns on social media for sure. We are just thankful for this fortunate -unfortunate- moment!

Chubby guy accidentally exposes micropenis while skinny-dipping

Stripping down…
Making sure nobody will see it…
Pants slip down! His micro is exposed!!

This one is so cute! This chubby guy prepares to jump naked from a boat. He tries to cover his stuff before dropping his pants, but they kind of slip down unexpectedly, exposing his buied micropenis to everyone!!! His face turns red immediately, as he struggles to hide it in his palm. So embarrassing!

He is soooo cute!

I love how he awkwardly smiles, looking quite shocked that his friends saw his teensy peen and recorded it on video.

It’s just a little hole buried under his tight, cute little ball sack!

His big ass shakes like jelly
Shocked his micro is in plain sight

Jozef Urban has his Dick n’ Balls popping out in Televised Marathon!

Jozef recently ran his personal best record but this is hardly the most exciting part. Right at the climax of his run, his dick and balls fell out of his shorts, flapping against his legs like crazy as he approached the finish line. It’s so funny, as he passes by, some men are laughing, women are shocked and others are cheering him while his uncircumcised(!) penis is flopping up and down in plain sight!

Being publicly exposed is only the tip of the iceberg, as Urban was broadcasted on live television with his privates hanging out. So humiliating…

His pointy, uncut penis is visible!

Some big testicles!

Lambert Wilson accidentally frontal naked in Telle mere telle fille

Lambert Wilson accidentally frontal naked [SMALL, CFNM, DICK SLIP] in Telle mere telle fille – What’s amazing about this scene is that nobody has ever noticed that Lambert’s dick is actually visible. Lambert Wilson has done nudity in the past but it’s hard to see anything. Here he accidentally shows everything!

So after he gives Juliette Binoche an eyeful of his (small?) thing, his wife suddenly returns home. We see him furiously run completely naked across the house covering his modesty with his hands, with bits of his dick and balls constantly peeking!

I love how his ball sack slips out!

He only needs one hand to cover it up… 😉

After he hides Juliette, there’s not time to dress so he grabs a weird outfit that hangs nearby. While he struggling to put it on, his little flaccid cock can be seen through the hole of the cloth! 

His balls are peeking…

Oops! His small dick is seen through the hole!

Hilariously embarrassing…

Poor Lambert… Wondering if he knows about this…

Jean-Christophe Péraud accidentally naked in Tour de France 2015 Stage 13


This was a very brutal and humiliating moment for the overly cute french cyclist. Poor Jean fell from his bike, got dragged on the street having his uniform torn in the most uncomfortable area, his groin. Fortunately, he had no fractures but he had to finish the race with his dick and balls peeking out from his torn overalls in front of thousands of people… So painful and embarrassing… He deserves congratulations. Jean has now retired from cycling.

He realises his genitals are exposed, looking at his torn uniform and back at the camera fully embarrassed and tries to cover it up… 


He steps on his feet and his fat squeezed balls and the tip of his penis are showing…


Jumps back at his bike, with his penis and testicles almost out…


The camera man was kind enough to follow Jean-Cristophe from the side and give us a close shot of his squeezed jewels, while probably making him feel even more uncomfortable…


Some very detailed shots:


His cock looks fat and meaty…


If he wasn’t injured so bad, this would be incredibly sexy…


Oliver Mommsen frontal naked in Ein Mann fuer den 13ten


He is caught naked by a 14-year old girl and he frantically grabs his cock to hide it. Too late, fortunately 🙂



So thin…


Love his awkward laugh….


Having to show your dick to your 14-year old co-actress… Embarrassing.


You can see his dick and balls squeezed in his hand…


+ BONUS: His dick has slipped through his boxers… (due to erection?)


Ashton Kutcher accidentally naked [DICK SLIP] in The Butterfly Effect

I remember noticing something flashing through Ashton’s boxers the first time I watched this movie. Had to pause and rewind. I was right. Ashton’s little peen had slipped out! He seems to immediately realise and frantically grabs a towel to cover. He really has to act scared in this scene but his reaction is far too real! A true embarrassing moment for Kutcher, whose ex-girlfriend Brittany Murphy joked about the relationship between him and his then-wife Demi Moore on David Letterman: “To him age doesn’t matter and to her size doesn’t matter.” Followed by multiple “Kidding!” assurances. It is also rumoured that Demi showed pictures of his small dick to her friends after they broke up.

Otto Seppälä utterly humiliated [DICK POPOUT] in a full olympic stadium.

Otto Seppälä utterly humiliated [DICK POPOUT] in a full olympic stadium. Finnish runner Otto Seppala suffered an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction in Finnish Championship called Kalevan kisat. His big sausage dick popped out of his shorts and it was flopping until he finishes. He has a clenched expression during the race, fully aware that his junk is showing but he has to keep running. This aired on public television. So humiliating…


Jean Michel Maire accidentally naked in Touche pas à mon poste

Jean Michel Maire accidentally naked in Touche pas à mon poste – Jean Michel had a huge embarrassing moment in trashy french show TPMP (however I believe it’s staged) He had to make 10 rope jumps to win Cyril Hanouna’s challenge. Whoever lost would have to kiss Matthieu Delormeau in the mouth. Jean’s pants being quite lose, they fell on his feet exposing a pair of jumping balls and his tiny penis in front of the whole audience and French viewers. He then runs to the backstage while Cyril is laughing his ass off on the floor.

Jean is not the modest kind of man. He always talks about how he never wears an underwear and he has appeared naked before, including a semi-naked photoshoot for an AIDS campaign but he never went all the way. So he may (or may not) showed more than he ever intended.

Watch video:

Julian Hanton accidentally naked [DICK SLIP]

Julian is shooting some kind of documentary and he is getting wrestling lessons. He constantly fixes his loincloth to prevent his little dick from falling out and in the end it slips out anyway! He is getting spun around with his cock out and everyone is laughing. He ends the lesson fully embarrassed and humiliated.

Watch video: