Chad Johnson has his small dick exposed in Big Brother

Chad Johnson has his small dick exposed [TIGHT SUIT, SMALL BULGE] in Big Brother – The Bachelor star had to wear a ridiculous fetching skintight morph suit as part of a task but was furious when he realized his small penis is on full display! He begun to rant about his embarrassing outfit while struggling to adjust the position of his small cock to make it look bigger. Furious as he was, he demanded 500,000 in cash to show the full thing!

It’s so funny (and hot) when studs get humiliated like that because they try so hard to look perfect all the time! 

He shouted:

“I want $500,000 cash in a bag. You want full D you’ve got to pay the C.

“What’s it better to do, tuck it, so it looks like I have no dick. Or do I just show full dick. You know what I mean there’s only two choices, full dick or no dick.”

He tried to move his piece into position, but couldn’t get it at the right angle to display his member in its full glory. While trying to adjust it in the mirror, girlfriend Sarah walked in and told him to put some paper towel down there.

Revealing exactly how big Chad is downstairs, Sam added: “So basically Chad’s got a small penis.”

OMG! His little dicklet is visible through the suit!

His small peen is squished in the tight uniform!