Alessandro Cattelan fully naked in Eurovision 2022 [SMALL PENIS VISIBLE]

Alessandro Cattelan is probably the most handsome Eurovision presenter so far. The Italian host was looking gorgeous throughout the whole show, dressed in glamorous shiny suits and all-black outfits. But one of them stood out a bit more…

During a bit explaining to viewers how to vote through the app, Alessandro’s floating head appeared in a green-screened internet-meme style space backdrop.

Some viewrs felt awkward when Alessandro’s disembodied head popped on screen…

When the bit ends, the backdrop disappears, the camera frame opens and what we see catches us completely off guard! The sexy presenter in an overall green screen suit so tight, that left nothing to our imagination!

I still can’t believe this actually happened, you can see everything through that suit! Alessandro seems totally okay with exposing his little package to the whole Europe! Viewers were shocked at the view of his visible penis bulge, making it viral on twitter with most of them loving the moment:

Some viewers craved for more of Alessandro’s cock

Some of them even played with the green-screen outfit turning Alessandro’s sexy moment into a meme.

But maybe it would be way better to add some more of Alessandro Cattelan there:

Love how small his uncut peen is! His little balls look delicious. It seems he has arranged his cock looking upwards to give his bulge some extra inches.

This is the first time in Eurovision history, a host is showing so much. Maybe it should become a tradition for the next shows to come! The community sure loved it every bit of Alessandro’s yummy peen…

The hot italian presenter exposed everything to millions of viewers

It’s not the first time Alessandro shows his small bulge though. Here’s a steamy backstage moment from his hotel room were he only wears a pair of boxer briefs! His bulge looks so prominently pointy!!

He has also appeared fully naked in show “Le Iene” years ago.

Looks small…

She’s grabbing his little package in front of everyone!

Chad Johnson has his small dick exposed in Big Brother

Chad Johnson has his small dick exposed [TIGHT SUIT, SMALL BULGE] in Big Brother – The Bachelor star had to wear a ridiculous fetching skintight morph suit as part of a task but was furious when he realized his small penis is on full display! He begun to rant about his embarrassing outfit while struggling to adjust the position of his small cock to make it look bigger. Furious as he was, he demanded 500,000 in cash to show the full thing!

It’s so funny (and hot) when studs get humiliated like that because they try so hard to look perfect all the time! 

He shouted:

“I want $500,000 cash in a bag. You want full D you’ve got to pay the C.

“What’s it better to do, tuck it, so it looks like I have no dick. Or do I just show full dick. You know what I mean there’s only two choices, full dick or no dick.”

He tried to move his piece into position, but couldn’t get it at the right angle to display his member in its full glory. While trying to adjust it in the mirror, girlfriend Sarah walked in and told him to put some paper towel down there.

Revealing exactly how big Chad is downstairs, Sam added: “So basically Chad’s got a small penis.”

OMG! His little dicklet is visible through the suit!

His small peen is squished in the tight uniform!