Peter De Vuyst frontal naked [BIG, OPEN BUTTHOLE] in performance Anima Ardens

Sexy ginger Peter De Vuyst is my second favorite in this performance., he’s so handsome. There are many acrobatics and weird dance moves that require from all dancers to expose their buttholes right to the camera. What’s very interesting about Peter is that he seems to be a bit more aware of this, than the rest of the cast, and i think he’s trying to avoid showing it. There no close ups or long shots of his hole explicitly showing like most of other dancers. However, I managed to capture some shots of his ginger anus hole opening up! (see pic above)

So handsome!

His big dick hose seems to be so heavy as it swings slightly.

Umm… ok. This is weird. He’s going this weird, cringy spasmodic crawl giving as a great view of his gorgeous butt.

“Hey look, my hole is open!”

Love this move. His soft dick and balls are hanging upside down as he slowly splits his light colored butthole widely open to us.

He’s gone fully crazy. His big dick, even when flopping like crazy looks heavy!

Let’s play horse-riding!

This is amazing. He climbs onto him, with his buttocks split open looking right at us. I love how we can see his ball sack going all the way up his hole, flopping up and down as he jumps. Look at his long but thin dangling sausage, brushing his co-dancers body.

So sexy…

Let’s climb up there…

He really tries not turn his butthole to the camera…

As he climbs down his ginger anus hole is showing… ops!

Is it me? Or it looks kinda drilled open?

HIGHLIGHT: Bruno Morais frontal naked [TINY, OPEN BUTTHOLE] in performance ANIMA ARDENS

In Thierry Smits’s dance performance 11 men strip completely naked highlighting the diversity of their bodies and origins. The choreography demands them to bend their bodies in any pose imaginable, being completely naked and exposed, there are some shots that are more than explicit. We see many of their buttholes open widely as well as their cocks frantically flopping under the trance soundtrack of the performance.

Bruno Moaris is a kinda known male dancer and model. He happens to have a really small cock. He is always flaccid in his photos so I believe he likes showing his little willy.

The performance begins with the dancers covered in white sheets which they throw away. Bruno stands out among his co-dancer’s big sausages with his small cheeto.

I think he fluffed a bit

The dancers start to spread on the stage, jerkily dancing to the electronic music.

Bruno is the one trying to eat his own ass

Bruno is crawling on the floor with his little package fully exposed:

Later we see him in a weird “taking a dump” position, look how jiggly it is down there!

This is a funny moment, his co-dancer accidentally hits the tip of his penis while passing his foot over him. He then almost sits on it with his butt but Bruno takes it away the last minute! It’s so soft and small to go in there!

This is my favorite moment. All dancers create a moving chain, Bruno is lying on the floor, the camera gets close, and his feet spread wide open giving us an amazing view of his incredibly hairy cock and heart-shaped little ball sack going down his hole. So hot…

His cute tiny little cock is trembling… His open hairy butthole is fully exposed…

At some point, the dancers build this construction with their bodies. We see a lot of buttholes splitting open.

We get a closeup of his semi-erected cock while he climbs…

Bruno’s little willy flopping like crazy! Amazing!

This is so funny! His little cock, frantically wiggles to every direction! Bruno is the only one doing it with such passion. The dicks of his co-dancers look so heavy and big making Bruno look a bit ridiculous.

His thin cock and balls are dangling!

By the end of the performance, his cock has shrunk into a teeny tiny baby cock!

Look how short, curvy and pointy it is!

Love how it trembles!

More floppy goodness…

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[HIGHLIGHT] Donizeti Mazonas frontal naked in OSMO (Pt 2)

His little mushroom cock is flopping underwater!
You can see his ball sack going down his hole!
A little dick squeezed between his legs!

HIGHLIGHT (Pt 2) Donizeti Mazonas frontal naked [SMALL, CUT] in OSMO – More of Donizeti’s jiggly mushroom cock from this explicit performance. Completely naked during the whole film, we see his jewels flop, getting squished and jiggle underwater. So sexy…

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It’s dark but you can kinda see it flop like crazy…


 Some interesting caps:


[HIGHLIGHT] Donizeti Mazonas frontal naked in OSMO (Pt 1)

His jewels are peeking
A little mushroom emerges between his legs
Its quite fat and short
Jiggly shroom cock!
Great view of his squeezed cock and saggy balls!

HIGHLIGHT (Pt 1) Donizeti Mazonas frontal naked [SMALL, CUT] in OSMO – Taking place in a transparent box filled with water, the sexy Brazilian actor stays fully naked during the whole play and gives a very explicit performance. We get to see his (cut!) short but fat mushroom cock constantly getting squeezed between his legs, as he performs acrobatics and changes positions. I love how his little giggly shroom dick emerges between his legs as he rubs himself. But the most shocking moment is when he turns to the camera and splits his legs open, fully exposing his balls sack with a little mushroom head sitting on top! So hot… Go to Part 2 »


You even get to see his saggy scrotum going down his hole…


Getting squeezed…


A mushroom head buried under his testicles…


You can see his testicles move up and down…


He’s playing with it…


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Several actors frontal naked in performance Bestie di scena

[STAGE NUDITY] – The actors are dancing, running, jumping while -for most of the time- trying to hide their genitals. 

Words, bodies, and rhythms which highlight, not without imagination, the brutality of the human comedy and which stand up to remind us of the social and political engagement of a community, whether a family or the community of the theatre.

There are some hot actors in the cast, a big meaty cock and a little dicklet. Let’s dive in:  


1. Daniele Savarino frontal naked in Bestie di scena [HOT]

Daniele is the hottest one in the entire cast. He is overly cute and the awkward expressions he does are adorable. He has a perfect-sized uncut dick with a nice little bush.


Yes, I wanna dance with you…


2. Davide Celona frontal naked in Bestie di scena [SMALL, OPEN BUTTHOLE]

Davide shows his quite short, pointy flaccid cock. Not really my cup of tea… But that jump he does is impressive… and we do get to see his open butthole when he lands! (GIF BELOW)


3. Carmine Maringola frontal naked in Bestie di scene [BIG, ERECT, MASTURBATING]

Carmine is the cast’s big gun. His cock is quite fat and meaty. Look at at how big it gets when he masturbates! It’s like a pendulum hanging! (GIF BELOW)


4. Gabriele Gugliara naked in Bestie di scena [SMALL]

Gabriele does some acrobatics and we see his small pointy dick flying. He looks shocked as well…


5. Ivano Picciallo frontal naked in Bestie di scena [SMALL, ERECT?]

Ivano is cute! And he has the cutest cock! Don’t let the photo fool you, his face is full of emotion during the performance. You can see him pour water on him below and I think he may be quite erect. (GIF BELOW) On the left, we see Sabino Civilleri’s balls hanging and the tip of his cock. He’s next! 


6. Sabino Civilleri frontal naked in Bestie di Scena [HAIRY]

Sabino has a caveman look. Even his balls look kinda… shaggy! Look at his crazy hair!


Crazy… The guy with the flaccid little cock on the left is Roberto Galbo (up next)


7. Roberto Galbo frontal naked in Bestie di scena

Roberto is also one of the cute ones. I think he looks really small when flaccid…


Hey that’s not polite…


8. Sandro Maria Campagna frontal naked in Bestie di scena

I promised a little dicklet! Sandro is the tiny mushroom of the cast with a similarly cute little balls sack! Ironically, he is having a sword fight…


Krzysztof Raczkowski and Mack Kubicki frontal naked in Jewrope

Mack is forcibly stripped…
His little soft dick is flopping!
This is so hot…



She spits milk onto him… Huge boner and great ass from that guy in front!


Getting dragged by a woman…


Krzysztof Raczkowski and Mack Kubicki [SMALL, FORCED, CFNM] frontal naked in Jewrope – Krzysztof, the polish daddy with the glasses is getting beaten while completely naked and then he is imprisoned in a transparent plastic roll. Mack Kubicki, the bald german guy, is forcibly stripped and his flopping little cock is exposed! He is then turned into a naked slave and we get a good look at his extremely small jewels as he pulls the wires. The best part is when he pours some milk onto him and we see it running over his naked body, dripping from what looks like his shrunken penis and little balls… Extremley sensual. 

Watch here:


Krzysztof points at his small cock!


David Vento frontal naked in MEFISTOFELICORGANIC

Looks big and slightly erect…
Look at his balls dancing…. Yum!
Look at his balls dancing… Yum!
Showing us his hole…
Showing us his hole…
It has turned a bit flaccid…


David Vento is a gorgeous spanish dancer, performer and acrobat. In this video, he is dancing completely naked and he it’s quite amazing! The choreography requires him to split his buttocks open to the camera, so we get a good view of his butthole. His big cock and testicles slide and bounce all the time as he dances! (I think he is slightly erected, too) So hot…

Watch it here:

Some interesting caps:

His dark hole is clearly visible… 

Bouncy testicles…

His hole is open…

Wide open…


NEW DISCOVERY: Jake Dibeler frontal naked [PUBLIC NUDITY, SMALL] in performance “Girlfriend”

Taking his willy out…
Looks like a hole…


His nut is sticking out!

Jake Dibeler is a sexy bear performance artist who apparently likes to get naked on stage. At the beginning, we see him take his tiny, flaccid and uncut willy out of his boxers. It looks like a little hole on his hairy bush. But the best part is when he strips completely naked, bends down and repeatedly shakes his ass, his butthole wide open to the audience and his low hanging, big balls sack flopping like crazy! He even does a leg split! My fav moment is when he bends down and one of his nuts weirdly sticks out like a buoy! Amazing performance… This guy just knows how to be sexy.

Watch video:

Crazy-flopping bearish little cock!

Dudu Pelizzari frontal naked [CFNM, FORCED STRIP, HUMILIATED] in performance “Banquete”

He’s getting “boned” by her

Grabbing that cock…

Flop! Flop! Flop!

This is one of the weirdest but hottest performances I’ve ever seen. Dudu has an amazing body and thankfully he has some facial hair (much hotter with a beard). This hot stud is fully humiliated when a woman pulls down his pants to expose his small flaccid cock and then threatens to cut it (some people laughing at the audience). The whole scene looks very embarrassing and climaxes with Dudu getting fucked by a woman (with huge breasts) and his cock flopping in every direction!

Watch video:

Sorry for the many gifs but there were so many highlights!