[EXCLUSIVE:] Tyler Labine frontal naked in Deadbeat (uncensored)

Back in 2000, in a movie called “Trixie”, Tyler was one of the first actors who ever showed their micropenis on a film. It was a scene where a group of men were forced stripped on gunpoint. Years passed and Tyler transformed into the hottest bear actor I have ever seen. While he kept on going naked in several scenes, he didn’t do any frontal nudity. In 2014, he starred in series “Deadbeat”, looking more handsome than ever. In a lengthy 2-minute scene, Tyler wakes up completely naked and hangover in a hotel room and spends the whole time naked. We see him lying on the floor with his legs open, but unfortunately IT’S CENSORED. Yeap, pixels everywhere. Why the hell would you go and censor this?

For the first time, you can see a screencap of this scene UNCENSORED.

There are NO WORDS to describe how sexy this is. I love every bit of him. His bearish cock, his little balls, his big thighs, his beautiful beard. Look how he’s lying with his legs open. Everything is exposed. Look at this massive hole, it’s amazing! Who wouldn’t wanna dive in there and start licking?

I am not even a bear myself. I just think there’s something overly sexy about this guy. There’s no other actor like him. Imagine if this whole scene was uncensored. I am sure Tyler doesn’t give a shit and loves to get naked. Showrunners probably don’t want to scare viewers off with nudity. I hope in the future we’ll be ready to embrace the beauty and sexiness of men like him and see more -explicit- nudity like this.

You can currently watch Ty in NBC’s medical drama “New Amsterdam”

Haven’t seen anything sexier than this

[HIGHLIGHT] David Rangborg frontal naked [CFNM, BALLS, BUTT] in Det Mest Forbjudna

David is so sexy, with his curvy body, incredible meaty ass and adorable light-colored beard. In this scene, the maid barges in the room to be greeted with David’s bubbly butt. I love how we see his buttocks jiggle as he jumps off his “wife”. He turns around to cover with a sheet and the most incredible package flop in nudity history happens. David’s long ball sack shoots in the air like a sling and flops back, his soft, pointy cock swinging…

It’s just amazing…


You can see his scrotum bag going down his hole!


Flop! Flop! Flop!


Sexy bear…


Getting bathed…


He has a perfectly sized, thin cock


They start to have sex but…


He falls asleep!


Some shrinkage occurred here…


He is caught banging someone else. Love how his balls are visible.


David’s butt is a dream… I wanna bite it!


Some interesting caps…


NEW DISCOVERY: Jake Dibeler frontal naked [PUBLIC NUDITY, SMALL] in performance “Girlfriend”

Taking his willy out…
Looks like a hole…


His nut is sticking out!

Jake Dibeler is a sexy bear performance artist who apparently likes to get naked on stage. At the beginning, we see him take his tiny, flaccid and uncut willy out of his boxers. It looks like a little hole on his hairy bush. But the best part is when he strips completely naked, bends down and repeatedly shakes his ass, his butthole wide open to the audience and his low hanging, big balls sack flopping like crazy! He even does a leg split! My fav moment is when he bends down and one of his nuts weirdly sticks out like a buoy! Amazing performance… This guy just knows how to be sexy.

Watch video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFezeGlN7Tg

Crazy-flopping bearish little cock!

David Blanka frontal naked [SMALL] in short film Coordenada Zero

David Blanka is a hot Spanish actor and comedian who went frontal naked in a short movie back in 2012. In this film he looks like a very hot bear, big and hairy. He is trapped in a room completely naked. We can see his short/average dick a few times. I love how his little cock pops out between his legs, but I don’t see his balls- are they so tiny?

As you can see his ass is great…

He gets up, strangely his balls are not visible at all…

His short dick flops down there….

Wow his hairy body looks amazing. His cute, short cock can be seen sticking out when he stands up,

but were are his balls?

Watch video: https://vimeo.com/43939737

Looking very different now: