[EXCLUSIVE:] Tyler Labine frontal naked in Deadbeat (uncensored)

Back in 2000, in a movie called “Trixie”, Tyler was one of the first actors who ever showed their micropenis on a film. It was a scene where a group of men were forced stripped on gunpoint. Years passed and Tyler transformed into the hottest bear actor I have ever seen. While he kept on going naked in several scenes, he didn’t do any frontal nudity. In 2014, he starred in series “Deadbeat”, looking more handsome than ever. In a lengthy 2-minute scene, Tyler wakes up completely naked and hangover in a hotel room and spends the whole time naked. We see him lying on the floor with his legs open, but unfortunately IT’S CENSORED. Yeap, pixels everywhere. Why the hell would you go and censor this?

For the first time, you can see a screencap of this scene UNCENSORED.

There are NO WORDS to describe how sexy this is. I love every bit of him. His bearish cock, his little balls, his big thighs, his beautiful beard. Look how he’s lying with his legs open. Everything is exposed. Look at this massive hole, it’s amazing! Who wouldn’t wanna dive in there and start licking?

I am not even a bear myself. I just think there’s something overly sexy about this guy. There’s no other actor like him. Imagine if this whole scene was uncensored. I am sure Tyler doesn’t give a shit and loves to get naked. Showrunners probably don’t want to scare viewers off with nudity. I hope in the future we’ll be ready to embrace the beauty and sexiness of men like him and see more -explicit- nudity like this.

You can currently watch Ty in NBC’s medical drama “New Amsterdam”

Haven’t seen anything sexier than this

Chubby guy accidentally exposes micropenis while skinny-dipping

Stripping down…
Making sure nobody will see it…
Pants slip down! His micro is exposed!!

This one is so cute! This chubby guy prepares to jump naked from a boat. He tries to cover his stuff before dropping his pants, but they kind of slip down unexpectedly, exposing his buied micropenis to everyone!!! His face turns red immediately, as he struggles to hide it in his palm. So embarrassing!

He is soooo cute!

I love how he awkwardly smiles, looking quite shocked that his friends saw his teensy peen and recorded it on video.

It’s just a little hole buried under his tight, cute little ball sack!

His big ass shakes like jelly
Shocked his micro is in plain sight

[HIGHLIGHT] David Rangborg frontal naked [CFNM, BALLS, BUTT] in Det Mest Forbjudna

David is so sexy, with his curvy body, incredible meaty ass and adorable light-colored beard. In this scene, the maid barges in the room to be greeted with David’s bubbly butt. I love how we see his buttocks jiggle as he jumps off his “wife”. He turns around to cover with a sheet and the most incredible package flop in nudity history happens. David’s long ball sack shoots in the air like a sling and flops back, his soft, pointy cock swinging…

It’s just amazing…


You can see his scrotum bag going down his hole!


Flop! Flop! Flop!


Sexy bear…


Getting bathed…


He has a perfectly sized, thin cock


They start to have sex but…


He falls asleep!


Some shrinkage occurred here…


He is caught banging someone else. Love how his balls are visible.


David’s butt is a dream… I wanna bite it!


Some interesting caps…


Chubby guys with tiny cocks fighting

Chubby guys with tiny cocks fighting wet, drunk and naked [TINY, DRUNKEN, BUTTHOLE] – This video is pure gold. You just won’t find this kind of action anywhere. The guys constantly slip, fall and slide with their legs spreading wide open and their tiny, little cocklets and balls getting exposed!

I love how the chubby one -even though everyone has seen his little cheeto– at times he anxiously tries to hide it with his hand!

Covering his dicklet…

Making fun of them while fluffing his dark little cock…

An great angle right there…

He plays dirty…

Their wet bodies are rubbing against each other… This is so hot.

I just love how his little jewels are pushed upwards…

His tiny meatball is fully exposed!

He lets his little cheeto show… He’s had enough.

Look at his tiny nutsack! His hole is showing, too! Amazing…

I don’t know who is this guy but he has the cutest baby cock I’ve ever seen…

Samuli Edelmann frontal naked in Me and Morrison

Samuli Edelmann frontal naked [SMALL, BALLS, BUTTHOLE] in Me and Morrison – Samuli Edelmann’s frontal from Irtiottoja was a quite popular post. Everyone loved his micropenis so I decided to give you more of him! Samuli here is naked wearing a Morrison flag as a cape, with his little hairy peen flopping up and down as he dances while being high. In another scene of this movie, he is caught in bed by his girlfriend, while shagging a chick. We get to see his balls and even his dark hole very briefly!


He’s so high and he’s boning the wrong girl…


His little balls are visible…


Look down there, his anus hole wide open!


Jan Gregor Kremp (and Jan Josef Liefers) frontal naked in Halt mich fest

The old lady is shocked…
Jan Josef Liefers shows his meaty dick…
His tiny cock hops!


German daddy Jan Gregor Kremp wakes up after having a threesome. As he gets up, we get to see his lovely bite-sized penis and pair of his hairy balls!

I just love how he gives it a nudge to uncover it, as it seems to sit buried behind his balls!

Trying to show us it’s not THAT small

Big bush down there!

+BONUS: I don’t know why, but Jan Josef’s butthole suddenly gets blurred and he seems to be covering it with his hand, too. Was his hole exposed?

Jan Gregor looking right at the camera with his little flaccid cock out.

Samuli Edelmann frontal naked in Irtiottoja

Next to him Miko Koukki looks big…
So tiny….
Showing some butt..


This should be considered a huge milestone in male nudity. I have never seen an actor with a micropenis getting naked that much before. Samuli is a quite handsome, stocky finnish actor and singer. He shows his incredibly tiny dick several times in Irtiottoja! So brave… 

Realising how small it is…


He looks so big and manly but down there… it’s a tictac! 


Love how his micropeen hops!


Exposing his tiny meatball in front of everyone. Rude!


Glued to his tiny balls… Looks cut! :O


Samuli Edelmann wide open…


Getting up…


Great shot. Looks like he has a hairy hole…


Some interesting caps…