Colin Firth REWIND: His best naked moments

Colin Firth is one of the most charming British actors with a bright acting career which skyrocketed after his role of Mr. Darcy in BBC’s adaptation of “Pride and Prejudice” following with multiple awards -among them an Oscar for The King’s Speech- and many other nominations as well. His career is also full of memorable naked moments. Unfortunately, Colin Firth’s full frontal was never shown in any of his films due to his extremely small and unconventionally shaped micropenis that is still a taboo for the film industry. His nudity timeline is full of very revealing appearances that are worth remembering. Let’s dive in…


Early Years: The Brave Era

1. The Advocate (1993) – “A Bold Start”

Quite early in his career around his 30s, Colin appears completely naked on set in a steam room scene for the film The Advocate. The actor doesn’t seem to wear any protection (modesty patches were not so famous back then) and enters in a room full of people. Doing such a scene, with your micropenis out in the open in a crowded room is definitely not an easy task, so Colin was very brave here. It’s worth noting that actors at the time didn’t have to worry about camera phones or social media or any leak from the inside.

So moving on, along with a fully naked Ian Holm, they walk into the water and if you look closely you can see that Colin is not wearing anything underneath…

Giving some clarity reveals Colin’s squeezed micropenis between his thighs and Ian’s regular sized cock!

Of coursethe viewers only got to see his bare buttocks in another spicy scene from the same film. Colin conveniently has his front facing away from the camera…

1. Playmaker (1994) “So close to Full Frontal”

In 1994’s drama Playmaker, Colin gets so close to full frontal but once again it “gets the axe” (no pun intended). Wet and completely naked behind a glass wall, he slowly gets out of shower and flashes Jennifer Rubin with the shocking view of his inny micropenis.

If you look closely he seems to be rubbing it once with his two fingers before he expose it to her.

She gets a good peek at it but manages to keep a straight face…

Colin might have been very embarrassed during this scene but nothing shows. It’s amazing how confident he looks as he walks past her to achieve the seductive nature of this film’s character. Proof of the great actor he is.

From Mr. Darcy to Fame: Taking a Break from Nudity

3. Pride and Prejudice (1995) “Shying away”

One year later, a scene in Pride and Prejudice requires Colin to go skinny-dipping in a lake as the charming Mr. Darcy. Colin at the time didn’t felt like doing it and requested for the script to be changed and have him clothed in this scene.

The writer of the film Andrew Davies argued that it made more sense for his character to be fully naked:

“Darcy was an actual man but he spent all his time being constrained by demands of society.” […] “It’s a hot day, he arrives at this lake – so I thought he would strip completely off and dive down and just become a creature, an animal, just for once.”

I don’t know the reason why – maybe they felt it would have taken too long to get him undressed. They could have always cut to him standing on the bank diving in naked so it might have been something about Colin’s anxiety about love handles or something.

The Times reported that afterwards Andrew said

I suspect we wouldn’t have have been allowed to get away with full frontal. I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t.

further implying Colin’s shortages as being the reason. However, giving some clarity to Colin’s wet clothes in the lake scene reveals a lot (or a tiny bit for that matter…)

Mr. Darcy was a huge success setting the ground for Colin Firth’s big career. The British actor gains a huge following. mostly women who are very curious to see him go full frontal. But that’s where Colin gets a break from nudity and and never shoots a nude scene for the next 13 years! The rising of the internet brings celebrity photos in the click of a button and fans start to notice his empty bulge in most photos…

2007-Now: Liberation Era

4. Where The Truth Lies (2007) – “Naked Again”

After 13 years of no skin, Colin returns impressively liberated from any exposure anxiety in a threesome scene with Kevin Bacon and Rachel Blanchard. It’s the first time we see Colin in such an erotic scene…

He wants to participate but aims for Kevin… As soon as he takes his robe, he immediately sticks behind him before anything is seen.

He seems to be fully naked without any protection which means Kevin could feel his wrinkly micro rubbing his butt…

5. When Did You Last See Your Father? (2007)

One of the steamiest naked moments comes in When Did You Last See Your Father? where we see Colin in a very personal moment in the bathtub. Enhancing those blurry waters reveals his gorgeously flat crotch…

6. A Single Man

In the “Single Man” Colin embraces his homosexual side in the role of George, an English professor trying to cope in 60s Los Angeles after the death of his boyfriend. In this film, Colin finally makes up for that skinny-dipping scene in Pride and Prejudice and drops all of his clothes to join Nicholas Hoult. His front is not shown in the film but we exclusively have the full thing.

Colin strips down revealing a swirly and wrinkly pee-hole glued to his testicles, what the nudity community describes as a “manly clit” due to its shaftless nature. Amazing…

6. Kingsman: The Golden Circle – “That bulging moment”

When you’re a famous actor, it’s impossible to keep your manhood a secret even if you want to. There are always scenes that accidentally reveal more. For example, the scene where we saw the most of Colin is actually one in which he is fully clothed! In a scene from “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” he is locked in a cell that fills up with water.


The level of the water quickly rises and we are about to witness Colin’s wet and flat bulge being revealed!

The water drips over Colins bulge, that curiously looks very bumped up and if you look closely you can notice his micropenis “lips” being outlined over his wet pants…

Is it possible that Colin got a bit turned on during that scene? Or did he wore some kind of patch in that area to avoid the completely bulgeless look?

Halle Berry and Mark Strong have fully inspected everything up-close…

What’s next for Colin?

The cute British actor has given us many sexy moments to look back to. I believe that if Colin was allowed to, he would show his jewels in some of his past films. Unfortunately, micropenises are still censored in movies and Hollywood is quite conservative in the depiction of male genitalia. Hopefully this will change in the near future. What’s next for Colin? In the age of 63 I doubt he will continue to do nude scenes. However, his latest work has made a shift from extremely mainstream films. Could this long timeline of nudity continue in more unconventional movie maybe? We would love to see more if he is up for it!

Dmitriy Krivosheev frontal naked [MICROPENIS], Mikhail Kremer and Ilya Khvostikov in Igra na vyzhivanie

The unbelievably cute Russian actor Dmitriy Krivosheev, actually did it! Dmitriy had to stay completely naked for a sauna scene in Igra na vyzhivanie. His frontal though was digitally removed by the editing room in the final cut due to his penis looking extremely small. Despite his extremely small size down there, the actor was so brave and went all out with it choosing not to cover anything up. Great job Dmitriy!

The scene starts with him bathing himself naked in a lake and we see a distant shot of his nice backside. Of course the scene cuts at the exact moment he turns around to avoid any frontal exposure. He walks on by Ilya Khvostikov, covering his manhood with his one hand and enters the sauna.

Dmitriy is sitting next to Mikhail Kremmer, who immediately gives us an amazing shot of his wet, dripping balls hanging between his legs.

Ilya Khvostikov comes in showing us his fully shaved, jiggling short cock. His testicles are glued tightly. Quite sexy!

So short and jiggly!

We get a really good view of his full package when he sits down and see his balls getting squeezed as he adjust his seat.

Look at his balls getting squeezed! Yummy!

A few moments later, Mikhail and Dmitriy are alone in the sauna… The camera pans in front of Dmitriy but the area between his legs is digitally darkened, leaving nothing to be seen.

I love how he quickly checks down how they look the moment the camera shows his front…

Quickly looking down at the guys.

Giving some clarity reveals everything! A micropenis is seen burried between a set of little balls! Dmitriy is holding his arms in a timid, bashful position, fully embarrassed. His friend Mikhail though looks perfectly confident being the bigger cock in this scene.

I love how small he is and it’s so sexy that he looks down at it….

A shaftless, uncut micro burried in his balls

Dmitriy starts feeling hopeless and Mikhail tries to make him feel better….

…by kissing him in the lips! Dmitriy turns his gay advances down and Mikhail storms out with his gun from the sauna having regretted what he did.

His tiny mushroom cock enters the frame, jiggling as he tries to wipe out the kiss from his mouth.

So small and jiggly!!

By the end of the scene he turned fully flacid…

I still can’t believe Dmitriy did this scene totally naked! He is just amazing. Let’s hope they will stop censoring micropenis nudity in the future and let sexy men like him show the goods!

DISCOVERY: Sven Boräng frontal naked in cosmetics commercial

I’ve found this commercial years ago, back in 2012 that it was released by a cosmetics company. I didn’t know who the actor was so I didn’t post it. But after some research I discovered that this blonde, gorgeous swedish man is Sven Boräng. His career is mostly theater but he has done some tv stuff as well. He starred in this erotic short film that caused some stir –and eventually it was pulled from all company channels– where a couple has a… very intimate moment in a lake somewhere in Sweden. At first we see them sensually kiss but eventually it builds up into… the whole thing. It’s one of these rare times that it’s too good to be true but frontal is actually delivered! At the end, we see Sven walking next to his partner completely naked, and as he sits we get an amazing frontal shot. We see his big fat balls getting squeezed between his legs and his meaty cock dangle. Just wow.

Sven splashes his way through with his -almost- see through wet undies and we already get a glimpse of bulge down there!

The kissing starts… Oh some tongue there.

Losing the clothes… Sven has a great body. He would be insanely hot if he was hairier…

Things quickly get x-rated as the action begins, but quite artfully shot:

After having sex comes the best part. Sven walks over to the deck completely naked and shows all of his goods! Amazing…

Let’s brighten it up a bit.. His balls look quite big but very tight and his penis while not very big, looks kinda fat.

Slow motion… He carefully sits to avoid showing some butthole.

Is he cut? I am not sure. But I believe they sometimes pull the foreskin back for aesthetic reasons.

Sven Boräng naken i kosmetik reklam

Chubby guy accidentally exposes micropenis while skinny-dipping

Stripping down…
Making sure nobody will see it…
Pants slip down! His micro is exposed!!

This one is so cute! This chubby guy prepares to jump naked from a boat. He tries to cover his stuff before dropping his pants, but they kind of slip down unexpectedly, exposing his buied micropenis to everyone!!! His face turns red immediately, as he struggles to hide it in his palm. So embarrassing!

He is soooo cute!

I love how he awkwardly smiles, looking quite shocked that his friends saw his teensy peen and recorded it on video.

It’s just a little hole buried under his tight, cute little ball sack!

His big ass shakes like jelly
Shocked his micro is in plain sight

Pablo Derqui, Xosé Barato and Xabier Deive frontal naked in Os fillos do Sol

Pablo Derqui [OPEN BUTTHOLE, CMNM], Xosé Barato [BIG, FLOPPY] and Xabier Deive [SMALL, CUT, FORCED] frontal naked in Os fillos do Sol – The three men go skinny dipping but they are caught by the police. Fully embarrassed, they walk to the shore covering their manhoods, except for Xosé who has the bigger schlong. Xabier immediately rushes to get dressed and we see his short, cut dick dangle but he is forced by the gunmen to stop. When they are finally allowed to get their pants, we get a quick glimpse of Xosé’s long and curvy flaccid cock! Pablo doesn’t show anything in this scene (he does later), which is weird considering his past nude scenes. Maybe three dicks were too much for one shot.

Looks uncut and curvy!


Xabier Deive strips down giving us a great view of his dangling dick and balls!


Pablo Derqui shows us his red-burned buttocks and wrinkly ball-sack!


And yeap, Pablo Derqui’s butthole splits open right to the camera! Amazing.


Pablo and Xosé run with their dicks flopping like crazy…


Look at Xosé’s long sausage… Wow…


Flop! Flop! Flop!


Some intersting caps…

Xabier’s balls must have shrunken from the cold water… They look so tight!


Xosé is clearly the bigger one and likes to show it. I think it was blurred in some shots…


Pablo Derqui’s dark hole is visible


Karl Markovics frontal naked in Polizeiruf 110

Karl Markovics frontal naked [SMALL, CUT] in Polizeiruf 110 – Und vergib uns unsere Schuld – Karl is not your regular hot actor. He has a crooked nose that gives him a lot of character and makes him special. He rightfully earns the “Cute daddy” badge!

Karl looks very sexy in this scene, he goes skinny dipping with a woman and as he splashes out of the lake, fully naked, water dripping all over his body, we get a great view of his very small wet cock and hairy little balls. Amazing…

Soaking wet… Wow…


Small and cute… His balls are so hairy!!


Nice ass…


I love how it sticks out…


Ops… It has shrunk into a little mushroom cock!


Was this shot on a different day? Karl here looks a lot hairier down there!


Hope Karl does a more… explicit scene in the future. I would love to see him in a sex scene.


Jose Vicente Moiron frontal naked in El mal del arriero

Small, wet and jiggly…


He gets out of a lake naked and we see a tiny little dick head glued on top of his fairly big testicles. He then sits down, really close to the camera and we get a very clear view of it as he dresses. Great scene.

Little jiggly peen nubbin…

Just a tiny head…

Love the focal point of this shot…

Some interesting caps….

Mandy Patinkin frontal naked in Yentl

So Beautiful…
That’s an amazing butt… BUT! Nothing seems to be hanging between his legs.
We almost see it…

[SMALL, OPEN BUTTHOLE] – I love this scene, Mandy is so sexy! He is incredibly beautiful just look at him! He goes skinnydipping, and we are constantly teased of his front which is only seen very briefly from a distance at the end. However, when he sits next to Streisand his buttocks split wide open and you can see his hairy hole! Even though we don’t get a good frontal view, Mandy looks hot with his beautiful beard and curly hair and his wet body dripping all over the place…A tiny head pops up!

Something tiny pops up…