[EXCLUSIVE] Sam Elliot frontal naked in The Legacy (1984)

The sexiest hairy chest from the 70s belongs to Sam Elliot, an actor who everyone still finds incomparably attractive as he never lost his sex-symbol status. His deep voice, his greatly built hairy body and his impressive mustache has always left women (and men) drooling over him.

In one of his most iconic scenes from The Legacy (1987), that no one can forget, he appears completely naked. We see his well-shaped buttocks as he enters the shower and then his incredibly hot hairy chest as the water drips over him.

Unfortunately Sam Elliot has never went full frontal all these years which is obviously a shame. For the first time ever you can now see him fully naked in the shower in an exclusive photo.

You will be shocked at how huge his cock is as well as with the amount of bush down there. There are no men like him anymore.

Only for the collectors among the fans of this blog, prepare your wallets!

RIP Luke Perry

The Beverly Hills star is not with us anymore. Perry died in the age of 52 after suffering from a massive stroke. He was one of the hottest actors of his generation, loved for his defining role as Dylan McKay in 90210.

He appeared in HBO prison drama Oz, portraying a religious inmate named Jeremiah Cloutier. In one of my favorite nude scenes ever, he is bullied by his inmates in the shower and after having his towel stolen he is forced to walk out completely naked in front of the whole prison.

Luke Perry shamefully walks naked through the prison crowd with the bible in his hand

His gorgeous, wet, hairy body is something to remember. Rest in Piece, Luke.

It was too soon.


Perry will appear in Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” later this year

Even in his 50s, Perry looked incredibly hot

Jacob Pitts caught frontal naked in Sneaky Pitt

Jacob Pitts caught frontal naked [CMNM, SHORT] in Sneaky Pitt – Jacob yanks the shower curtain to get out and realizes his friend is there seeing him completely naked. He jumps scared as he frantically grabs his flopping short, flaccid cock to hide it, swearing “Fuck me!”. It’s too late though, as his friend got a good glimpse of his short peen and a bit of his little balls. Fully embarrassed, with his hands cupping his jewels he gets out and we get a great view of his sexy, wet, hairy body as water drips from all over it. So hot!

He lets it all hangout and we clearly see his slightly erect, cut cock that was growing larger in his hands… (Must have been very embarrassing to maintain eye contact)

It’s short but fat and meaty… His balls are nowhere to be seen!

Staring down there! Looking disappointed…

Slowly realizing his peen is exposed!

Quickly covering up…

Terrence Howard frontal naked in Get Rich or Die Tryin’

Terrence Howard frontal naked [TINY, CUT] in Get Rich or Die Tryin’ – Terrence Howard has alleged in court documents that he was blackmailed for his tiny cock by his ex-wife Michelle Ghent. He recorded Ghent saying that she could “get $2 million right now” for putting his “little dick out there in front of TV.” However, Terrence shows his incredibly tiny meatball cock in Get Rich or Die Tryin’, so I can’t imagine how more damaging his wife’s photos may be. Plus, Terrence has been accused of domestic abuse so many times that small dick shaming is probably the best case scenario for him.

Possibly the tiniest penis shown in an american movie…

Glued to his balls, it barely flops…

Not hung like a horse, but his ass is definitely horsey big!

It’s so small, it’s quite shocking he allowed it to be filmed…

You can see it, if you look very closely… 

Luke Perry frontal naked in Oz

Luke Perry frontal naked in Oz [CMNM, FORCED] – After Beverly Hills, Luke was hugely popular. It was quite shocking for such a big name to go all the way. Many of his fans who had a crush on him since Hills found this scene appalling. I think Luke is smoking hot in this scene.

He plays a religious man who gets bullied and has his towel stolen while being in the shower. He is then forced to do the walk of shame. With only a bible at hand, he walks out completely naked, soaking wet, his hairy thin cock flying out, in front of a prison full of men staring at him. He shamefully covers his dick with the bible and leaves with an awkward walk as the other inmates are teasing him.

Had to be very embarrassing shooting this scene, with so many people, actors and crew, staring at Luke’s penis… 

His towel is missing… He looks so hot with this beard!


Fully exposed to everyone… His body is in a great shape!


His penis looks thin and cut!


So hairy down there!


Starts to cover it up…


Leaving humiliated…


Bruce McGill frontal naked in Out Cold

Bruce McGill frontal naked in Out Cold [TINY, CFNM, CUT] – I think Bruce is a very attractive daddy. He was very handsome when he was young. Back in 1989, Bruce had to expose his tiny mushroom cock in front of Teri Garr, while taking a shower. It’s an amazing frontal and Bruce looks so hot…

He drops his panties…


He gives us a small peek…


His tiny mushroom is on full display!


Love his hairy bush down there!


It’s just a bite-sized little head!


So hairy!


Look at his bubbly ass! Hot…


[REPOST] Kai Schumann frontal naked in Jana und der Buschpilot Streit der Staemme

Something very small flops down there…

[REPOST] Kai Schumann frontal naked [CFMN, CMNM, SMALL] in Jana und der Buschpilot Streit der Staemme – Kai has done several nude scenes in the past but his front was always conveniently obstructed from view. This is the only scene we get to see everything, we don’t see much though!

Kai’s towel falls to the ground and in an attempt to retrieve it he jumps out of the public shower. We quickly see his balls and something very small flop between his legs! Eva and his rival Simon Boer are there, so he embarrassingly jumps back worried they might see his little dicklet! 

Fortunately, nobody noticed him…

Hottie Simon Boer arrives with a big looking bulge… He has flowers for her.

Kai is jealous…

Ops… He will probably have to return completely naked after all!

+ BONUS Kai Schumann thrown in a bin naked in series Heldt

Also check out Kai Schumann’s frontal naked scene in Mord mit Aussicht were his penis seems to be digitally altered.

Koen De Graeve frontal naked in Halfweg

Stripping down…
Whoops some dick and balls there!
Cold water!
Who did this?
Making fun of his cock…
Hiding his modesty…

Koen De Graeve frontal naked [SMALL, CMNM] in Halfweg – This is a funny one! Koen strips down and jumps in the shower but things suddenly get… cold! He storms out completely naked and wet to find his roommate making fun of his shrunken from the cold water little penis! Koen, angry and embarrassed, grabs his small cock to hide it. He looks so hot in this embarrassing scene!

I just love how he squeezes them in his palm…


It’s soft and pointy…


Peek-a-boo behind his leg!


Great bush down there…


Joakim Nätterqvist briefly shows his dicklet in Stackars Tom


Joakim is a hunky Sweadish actor known for his role in medieval Arn series. In Stackars Tom he takes a shower with his buddy and when he switches the water to cold, to prank him, his little flaccid cock slips into frame!  

His body is not that ripped, but he is incredibly cute! 

Joakim Nätterqvist frontal naked in Stackars Tom – Avsnitt 2 av 3 Öppet arkiv

Olivier Marchal frontal naked [SMALL] in Truands (aka Paris Lockdown)

Olivier is a charming, french daddy and unfortunately this is his only nude scene. It’s a good one though! We see him grab and jiggle his uncut dick and balls as he washes under the running water.

Short and jiggly..

Love the way he fluffs them!

A  little fluff always gives a few more inches…

Still looking quite small…

Takes a peek down there…

Olivier also run naked in public with actor Philippe Guillard after a lost bet. They’re only wearing tiny briefs (that cover nothing). If you look closely, everything has slipped out and hanging for everyone to see!