Mikhail Kremer [SMALL, BUTTHOLE] & Vladimir Veryovochkin [AVERAGE, SEMI-ERECT] frontal naked in Igra na vyzhivanie

It’s very ironic that a homophobic scene from a Russian show would become one of the sexiest -and gayest!- nude scenes of the past two years. Russian tv showing a naked fight between two men, with their cocks crazily flop and dangle? Unbelievable. Mikhail Kremer and Vladimir Veryovochkin, in an amazingly choreographed scene, fight, wrestle and throw things at each other while completely naked. We get to enjoy great frontals from both, Mikhail’s cute jiggly little penis and Vladimir’s dangling sausage and big testicles! Let’s dive in…

Mikhail and Vladimir enter an old house and strip off their wet clothes. Mikhail (gay character) is a bit more eager to strip, so he pulls down his boxers first giving us a great view of his flaccid penis flop like crazy as he rubs himself!

His cock is quite small and fully flaccid! So jiggly!

I love how he grabs his peen and squeezes it and then flap his whole package up and down rubbing it. So fucking sexy…

Rubbing the hell out of it! Flop! Flop! Flop!

Vladimir strips off as well and lets a sizable cock fall out… Mikhail takes a quick peek and awkwardly reacts as soon as he sees the big stuff. He can’t contain himself for too much…

He starts to rub Vladimir’s body in an attempt to warm him but… he seems to focus on the butt area a bit too much!

Vladimir, as soon as he becomes aware of Mikhail’s gay advances his homophobic spider-sense kicks in and things instantly heat up. He thanks Mikhail with a strong punch in the face!

Mikhail answers with another punch and the flopping cockfight begins!

As Vladimir struggles to get up, we see an incredible view of his big hanging cock while his ball sack seems very tight and shrunken from the cold!

His testies look like one big unified ball sack from the cold…

He returns the favor with a hitting Mikhail with a steel rod making his small penis flop.

To avoid… size comparisons during the whole scene, the director never shows the two actor’s fronts at the same time! Except for this moment where Mikhail cock is blurred and barely visible while Vladimir’s big uncut sausage distinctly swings in every direction!

Giving some clarity instantly shows why the director choose to shoot it this way…. Awkward…

Mikhail has had enough of his ass get beaten and responds with an impressive kick but he raises his leg so much that his butthole splits open!

Let’s see it more clearly!

I love how we see his balls fly and his scrotum bag going down his exposed open anus!

This scene keeps on giving, and we are instantly greeted with another insane angle of Vladimir’s jewels as he kicks the crates off him to get up. The fight has warmed him up and his cock looks meaty while his balls bigger and softer!

His testicles softly brush his thighs and his fat, uncut cock jiggles!

Looking delicious!

Mikhail is furiously walking towards his opponent, giving us a quick and cute jiggle of his smallie! I love how hairy he is down there!

Vladimir is once again thrown, on a bed this time, and as he tries to find his balance a blanket hits his cock and sends him flying in the most epic dick flop of the scene!

His cock helicopters up looking quite stiffer…

Vladimir kicks back, his whole package dangles. His ball look big and saggy.

So Floppy!

In a similar way, Mikhail is half-thrown on the table and his cute smaller dicklet quickly swings with his cut head clearly visible to the camera!

Look at his hairy mushroom cock flopping! So cute!

The fight gets more intimate as the two men come closer and a cold shower -which may help keeping any unwanted erections away ahem!- coincidently turns on. Vladimir gifts us another godly floppage of his meat stick right before both of them fall on the ground with their naked bodies locked together!

In an ultimate climax of an already insanely sexy scene full of incredible moments, the two naked men fall down with Vladimir’s dangling cock looking stiff and… semi-erected! Mikhail’s foot wraps around him only few inches away from touching it!!!

Mikhail’s foot almost hits Vladimir’s cock!

There are no words to describe how raw and sexy this moment is. His ball sack so tight but big and his pointy uncut dick swivel in the air, obviously not entirely soft!

The scene reaches it’s gay climax, Vladimir’s cock is awkwardly looking up. His whole body is sitting on Mikhail he probably feels his soft dicklet on his back… Could he be aroused?

The fight ends. Mikhail is left on the ground, his gorgeous wet body in a very open position. His cut cock has turned even smaller and shrunken. His balls are so clearly visible and hairy making you wanna grab and lick them.

His cute little mushroom dicklet looks insanely sexy!

So wet. So hairy. So sexy.

I don’t think anything can surpass the sexiness of this scene that currently sits at the top of my list. Mikhail Kremer is such a handsome man and a very smart actor, I love that he is not shy at all. Vladimir Veryovochkin has an impressive package and gave us some amazing moments here.

Caps Time!

Viggo Mortensen frontal naked MEGAPOST [CMNM] in Eastern Promises

This has to be one of the most humiliating scenes in male nudity history for an actor. Viggo has to fight the bad guys totally naked in a turkish bath, so while he’s getting punched and thrown we see his average / small dick and balls from every possible angle. “It was slippery, painful, embarrassing” Mortensen said. My fav moment is when he has his butt turned to the camera, his butthole wide open (they blurred it in post I think!) and his balls jiggling

Watch video: https://sendvid.com/8a6zoazf



Post-production actually blurred his anus hole but in this enhanced version you can actually see his closed tight butthole:

Mark Lindsay Chapman frontal naked [CMNM] in Separate Lives

A tiny mushroom head that barely flops…

He’s desperately trying to cover his little penis…

As they wrestle, his butthole opens right at the camera….

This scene is utterly humiliating for Mark. Not only he is completely naked and getting beaten up by Jim Belushi, he has one of the tiniest dicks I have ever scene in an American movie. He is getting punched and we see his tiny dick –it can’t even flop– glued to his little balls. I have to give my congratulations to Mark for doing this scene fully naked, in front of the whole crew and another male actor. Amazing.

Watch video: http://sendvid.com/u53sdpr6

It’s just a head really…

This scene might not be very flattering, but he is actually quite charming:

HIGHLIGHT: Jorma Tommila, Rauno Juvonen, Antti Reini and Oiva Lohtander frontal naked in JOULUBILEET

This has to be one of the best scenes in male nudity history. Four straight men struggling completely naked, accidentally rubbing their dicks on each other. Jorma is the hottest and biggest one (and mostly exposed). Rauno is very small and I love the moment we see his tiny penis and balls flop between his legs! Antti’s cock is average to small. Oiva’s is nonexistent and very difficult to even see.

One of the best moments, we see Rauno’s tiny mushroom cock hop! Amazing…

Rauno falls back opening his legs, we see his small cock dangle and his balls in full display!

Rauno sweepingly brushes his arm over Jorma’s body, accidentally squeezing his cock and balls!! Jorma’s penis crazily flops in the air. So awkward and sexy at the same time…


This is probably the most iconic male nude scene that has ever existed and an all-time fav of mine.

Thank you finland!

Part 2 (frontals): http://sendvid.com/cw3iwphd

Part 1 (sauna): http://sendvid.com/xcbpspmc