Wojciech Mecwaldowski going frontal [SMALL, CMNM] in Klangor

One of the hottest polish daddies, Wojciech Mecwaldowski, finally went all out in crime series Klangor. This is his first clear frontal nudity scene since his brief accidental dick exposure in Usta Usta (2013).

At the beginning of the scene we see him fucking his wife really hard and it looks like he’s giving it good.

He looks so sexy in this fucking scene, I love how fast he is pushing. There seems to be a bit of a dick slip here, too.

Shoving it really good…

The moment won’t last for long. Wojciech realizes his house is surrounded by cops and gets up nervously.

He knows they are coming for him so he is ready to give himself in. We get a brief look at his skinny ass and when he turns around his thin, slightly fluffed cock appears!

Wojciech is completely shaved down there in this scene to earn those extra inches but unfortunately his dicklet still looks small, flying out a bit instead of actually hanging.

Hands on his head he lies on the floor completely naked, ready to surrender himself to the authorities.

Police barges in, Wojciech with his hands on his butt is ready to be cuffed and arrested in front of his wife. So humiliating…

Omg, look how the tip of his penis gets bigger when he turns around! Is he flexing his cock’s muscle or is he arroused?

Can you see how his dick head inflates?

Unfortunately Wojciech Mecwaldowski shaved his gorgeous beard for this role. He was so hairy Usta Usta and sooo much hotter! His dick looked smaller on that scene.

Do you think Wojciech fluffed or was slightly erect in Klangor? Let us know in the comments below!

Maximilian Brückner frontal naked [TINY, SMALL ERECTION, BUTTHOLE, CMNM] in Das Schönste Paar

I have to say it was a big shocker seeing Maximilian going all the way – he seemed to be sworn against it – however I wasn’t all that surprised. Okay, we all knew he was not packing a monster down there. But I never imagined he would do a scene this explicit. He exposed well, actually everything! Let’s dive in:

In the first scene, Max is seen lying completely naked on the beach with his girlfriend. We don’t see much but when he turns sideways to kiss her, his semi-erected penis pops up as it stands upwards!

Tiny Erection Peek-a-boo!

It’s really awkward to see his very thin, pointy dick peeking during a romantic scene.

It looks quite small and very sharp looking!

Looks like he’s having a pencil-dick erection…

They suddenly realize they are not alone as a gang of “voyeurs” are spying on them from the hill. They quickly get up and Maximilian doesn’t lose the chance to show his perfect butt.

The second scene is where we see Maximilian Brueckner wide open. The gang from the previous scene has taken the couple as hostages and forces Max to have sex with his girlfriend in front of them.

Poor Max starts rubbing his cock trying to get it erect but it’s impossible while those sick bastards looking.

it’s a bit awkward that he’s making a fist, while being completely flaccid, to act like his rubbing it

The sick guy loses his patience and grabs Maximilian. The next shot is amazing.

Max is thrown on the floor and we see an incredibly explicit shot of his flopping scrotum bag going down his butthole as he open his legs! So hot… His tiny flaccid, cock is mostly hidden behind his balls but it’s briefly visible.

It’s so raw, I love it. I still can believe he did this.

The tip of his little peen is briefly peeking behind his balls!

You can see everything! His wrinkly testicle bag, his thin flaccid uncut peen. Even a bit of his butthole.

At the end, after they are left alone, Maximilian tries to crawl back to his girlfriend. He lifts his body exposing his shaggy ball sack and tiny cock!! Immediately, he lowers his body as if someone from the crew yelled at him and the camera quickly moves away.

His tiny ball sack brushes the floor and lifts up with his penis looking extremely small and soft. Seems like very embarrassing scene to shoot let alone to watch afterwards…

Look how soft his testicles look as they pickup from the floor!

As he finally gets up Max’s is once again fully exposed. I believe what he tried to do here was to cover his front with his upper body but the angle was wrong giving us the clearest full frontal of his dick and balls.

Look at the wrinkly tip of his soft little willy!

This was one of the most amazing, raw nude scenes ever. It’s a tiny bit embarrassing and humiliating for Maximilian, every bit of him is exposed. I don’t thing any future nude scene by Max can top this one, unless it’s a Lars von Trier film.

Johan Heldenbergh frontal naked in Gaspard va au mariage

Looks erect from the way it swings…
Uncut and pointy!


Johan is no stranger to nudity. He biked completely naked in public with his soft little cock out for a scene in “The Misfortunates”.

In this one, he strips down and dives in a big glass box full of leeches, while his children -Felix Moati, Guillaume Gouix and Christa Théret- watch. He drops his underwear giving us a quick look of his meaty buttocks and turns around exposing his hairy, semi-erect, pointy, uncut cock. You can tell there is some erection as it looks heavy and only the tip flops back and forth. A few shots later, right before he enters the box, it has shrunk to a smaller flaccid cock:


Must have been really embarrassing for Johan, having to stay in that jar naked, with his soft dick and balls dancing underwater, for his dressed co-actors to see.


Checking down to see how small they look…


Guillaume (first guy) couldn’t help but stare down at the little daddy-meat!


But the most amazing part of this scene, is this slow-mo shot of Johan’s small flaccid dick and balls jiggle underwater as he rotates his body to the camera. So hot…


I just love how detailed this is. You can see his wrinkled tip slowly jiggle, his little balls stay glued and tight and even the line of his scrotum bag!

Little worm, dancing underwater! So small leeches won’t bite it…

Love how his dicklet stretches and contracts, jiggles and dances underwater. Hypnotizing!

His balls look shriveled from the cold water. Look at their wrinkled surface!

Such a hot daddy…

+BONUS Johan Heldenbergh (right) riding a bike fully naked, with his dick and balls exposed in public. Looking very small here. On the left, Koen de Graeve.

Piotr Stramowski frontal naked in Kobiety Mafii

Piotr Stramowski frontal naked [TINY + ACCIDENTALLY EXPOSED] in Kobiety Mafii – Piotr is an extremely hot actor from Poland. His hairy, ripped body is just a thing to admire. In his last movie, Pitbull his frontal was darkened making it impossible to see his goods. This time, I think Piotr showed a bit more and maybe more than what he wanted… The scene starts with him naked at bed and we are getting teased with his hairy groin and his goods being marginally offscreen. But when he gets up and goes near his girl, something incredibly small moves down there. It’s only for the eagle-eyed but I think it’s Piotr’s tiny, soft cock and balls jiggle a bit!


In another scene, Piotr is caught fucking with his girl by a SWAT team that barges in and forces him to stop. As he moves back and forth, his goods are accidentally exposed!


I think I see a pair of balls flopping and a small nubbin glued on top of them…


Something small slightly flops down there…


You can barely notice it…


Is that all of Piotr?


Piotr in some very… revealing, tight white boxers. They kinda reveal there are not much to hide…

I don’t think we’ll be seeing a clear frontal from Piotr anytime soon.

Tomas Milian (and Tony Bolano) frontal naked

Tomas Milian (and Tony Bolano) frontal naked [SMALL, FORCED, CMNM] in Cat Chaser – The humiliation aspect of this scene is amazing. Tomas, along with his bodyguard Tony, is forced to strip completely naked on gunpoint. They slowly take off their clothes and stay with their incredibly small cocks exposed, waiting for orders. Then, the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen in nudity history happens. At the corner of the frame, you see Tomas’ whole groin twitch up and then pop down like a spring! So fucking weird! They both enter the bathtub, and you clearly see how small they both are. Tomas is ordered to turn on the shower and as he starts to jump from the cold, he is shot down, covered in ketchup, with his curvy baby cock flopping like crazy and tiny balls glued underneath!

What the actual fuck? It looks so ridiculous!

Tomas’ small and pointy uncut cock is on full display. Love his awkward moves after he enters the bathtub. Must have been very embarrassing to shoot.

His balls are barely visible!

The water is cold, but it probably can’t get any smaller…

So jiggly!

His little cheeto jumps in every direction as he is covered in ketchup! Poor Tomas.

Tony jumps scared and his little, cut penis frantically flops!


Tomas Milian was actually pretty hot back in the day:

Glad we got to see him fully naked, even in his daddy days.

Jacob Pitts caught frontal naked in Sneaky Pitt

Jacob Pitts caught frontal naked [CMNM, SHORT] in Sneaky Pitt – Jacob yanks the shower curtain to get out and realizes his friend is there seeing him completely naked. He jumps scared as he frantically grabs his flopping short, flaccid cock to hide it, swearing “Fuck me!”. It’s too late though, as his friend got a good glimpse of his short peen and a bit of his little balls. Fully embarrassed, with his hands cupping his jewels he gets out and we get a great view of his sexy, wet, hairy body as water drips from all over it. So hot!

He lets it all hangout and we clearly see his slightly erect, cut cock that was growing larger in his hands… (Must have been very embarrassing to maintain eye contact)

It’s short but fat and meaty… His balls are nowhere to be seen!

Staring down there! Looking disappointed…

Slowly realizing his peen is exposed!

Quickly covering up…

Pablo Derqui, Xosé Barato and Xabier Deive frontal naked in Os fillos do Sol

Pablo Derqui [OPEN BUTTHOLE, CMNM], Xosé Barato [BIG, FLOPPY] and Xabier Deive [SMALL, CUT, FORCED] frontal naked in Os fillos do Sol – The three men go skinny dipping but they are caught by the police. Fully embarrassed, they walk to the shore covering their manhoods, except for Xosé who has the bigger schlong. Xabier immediately rushes to get dressed and we see his short, cut dick dangle but he is forced by the gunmen to stop. When they are finally allowed to get their pants, we get a quick glimpse of Xosé’s long and curvy flaccid cock! Pablo doesn’t show anything in this scene (he does later), which is weird considering his past nude scenes. Maybe three dicks were too much for one shot.

Looks uncut and curvy!


Xabier Deive strips down giving us a great view of his dangling dick and balls!


Pablo Derqui shows us his red-burned buttocks and wrinkly ball-sack!


And yeap, Pablo Derqui’s butthole splits open right to the camera! Amazing.


Pablo and Xosé run with their dicks flopping like crazy…


Look at Xosé’s long sausage… Wow…


Flop! Flop! Flop!


Some intersting caps…

Xabier’s balls must have shrunken from the cold water… They look so tight!


Xosé is clearly the bigger one and likes to show it. I think it was blurred in some shots…


Pablo Derqui’s dark hole is visible


Luke Perry frontal naked in Oz

Luke Perry frontal naked in Oz [CMNM, FORCED] – After Beverly Hills, Luke was hugely popular. It was quite shocking for such a big name to go all the way. Many of his fans who had a crush on him since Hills found this scene appalling. I think Luke is smoking hot in this scene.

He plays a religious man who gets bullied and has his towel stolen while being in the shower. He is then forced to do the walk of shame. With only a bible at hand, he walks out completely naked, soaking wet, his hairy thin cock flying out, in front of a prison full of men staring at him. He shamefully covers his dick with the bible and leaves with an awkward walk as the other inmates are teasing him.

Had to be very embarrassing shooting this scene, with so many people, actors and crew, staring at Luke’s penis… 

His towel is missing… He looks so hot with this beard!


Fully exposed to everyone… His body is in a great shape!


His penis looks thin and cut!


So hairy down there!


Starts to cover it up…


Leaving humiliated…


[REPOST] Kai Schumann frontal naked in Jana und der Buschpilot Streit der Staemme

Something very small flops down there…

[REPOST] Kai Schumann frontal naked [CFMN, CMNM, SMALL] in Jana und der Buschpilot Streit der Staemme – Kai has done several nude scenes in the past but his front was always conveniently obstructed from view. This is the only scene we get to see everything, we don’t see much though!

Kai’s towel falls to the ground and in an attempt to retrieve it he jumps out of the public shower. We quickly see his balls and something very small flop between his legs! Eva and his rival Simon Boer are there, so he embarrassingly jumps back worried they might see his little dicklet! 

Fortunately, nobody noticed him…

Hottie Simon Boer arrives with a big looking bulge… He has flowers for her.

Kai is jealous…

Ops… He will probably have to return completely naked after all!

+ BONUS Kai Schumann thrown in a bin naked in series Heldt

Also check out Kai Schumann’s frontal naked scene in Mord mit Aussicht were his penis seems to be digitally altered.

Koen De Graeve frontal naked in Halfweg

Stripping down…
Whoops some dick and balls there!
Cold water!
Who did this?
Making fun of his cock…
Hiding his modesty…

Koen De Graeve frontal naked [SMALL, CMNM] in Halfweg – This is a funny one! Koen strips down and jumps in the shower but things suddenly get… cold! He storms out completely naked and wet to find his roommate making fun of his shrunken from the cold water little penis! Koen, angry and embarrassed, grabs his small cock to hide it. He looks so hot in this embarrassing scene!

I just love how he squeezes them in his palm…


It’s soft and pointy…


Peek-a-boo behind his leg!


Great bush down there…