Chubby guy accidentally exposes micropenis while skinny-dipping

Stripping down…
Making sure nobody will see it…
Pants slip down! His micro is exposed!!

This one is so cute! This chubby guy prepares to jump naked from a boat. He tries to cover his stuff before dropping his pants, but they kind of slip down unexpectedly, exposing his buied micropenis to everyone!!! His face turns red immediately, as he struggles to hide it in his palm. So embarrassing!

He is soooo cute!

I love how he awkwardly smiles, looking quite shocked that his friends saw his teensy peen and recorded it on video.

It’s just a little hole buried under his tight, cute little ball sack!

His big ass shakes like jelly
Shocked his micro is in plain sight

Samuli Edelmann frontal naked in Me and Morrison

Samuli Edelmann frontal naked [SMALL, BALLS, BUTTHOLE] in Me and Morrison – Samuli Edelmann’s frontal from Irtiottoja was a quite popular post. Everyone loved his micropenis so I decided to give you more of him! Samuli here is naked wearing a Morrison flag as a cape, with his little hairy peen flopping up and down as he dances while being high. In another scene of this movie, he is caught in bed by his girlfriend, while shagging a chick. We get to see his balls and even his dark hole very briefly!


He’s so high and he’s boning the wrong girl…


His little balls are visible…


Look down there, his anus hole wide open!


Rupert Holliday Evans frontal naked  in The History of Tom Jones (S01E03)

Cute british dot penis…
His balls are barely visible…


Rupert is playing naked in bed with a woman unaware he is being watched by another lady! He gets up and she sees his incredibly small dot penis and tiny balls! 

She is shocked… (Ok not by his small dick but I thought it would be funny!)

She jumps on bed to surprise her since nothing else will… And of course he is getting spanked in the butt!

That’s a nice butt actually…

Samuli Edelmann frontal naked in Irtiottoja

Next to him Miko Koukki looks big…
So tiny….
Showing some butt..


This should be considered a huge milestone in male nudity. I have never seen an actor with a micropenis getting naked that much before. Samuli is a quite handsome, stocky finnish actor and singer. He shows his incredibly tiny dick several times in Irtiottoja! So brave… 

Realising how small it is…


He looks so big and manly but down there… it’s a tictac! 


Love how his micropeen hops!


Exposing his tiny meatball in front of everyone. Rude!


Glued to his tiny balls… Looks cut! :O


Samuli Edelmann wide open…


Getting up…


Great shot. Looks like he has a hairy hole…


Some interesting caps…


D.W. (Donald Warren) Moffett frontal naked in Joe’s Wedding


D.W. Moffett has to be one of the bravest american actors. I think he is extremely small down there but he did go all the way. In this scene, he is chained naked by a woman. It’s a great scene, we see Donald trying to hide his jewels but even when he is not holding them nothing seems to slip… lol

 Nothing to see under there… 


He is now her slave…


A thin little dicklet pops between his legs…


Poor Moffett is forced to show it to an audience…


His anus hole is visible when he lifts his leg!!


His little mushroom head slips into frame! 


God is watching…


+ BONUS D.W. Moffett frontal naked in Stealing beauty [CFNM, HAIRY]

Love his hairy chest and his little mushroom cock! 


Just a small button penis!


Hynek Čermák frontal naked in Svata Ctverice


Hynek is an incredibly cute czech daddy. While the other guy’s penis is constantly shown, Hynek’s cock is always blocked by something: heads, chairs or rolling end credits. I wonder if they did this because it looked incredibly small. At the end, they are all lying naked at the beach, he gets up and a tiny micropenis pops up!! (unfortunately credits rolling over it). Amazing…

A tiny head pops up!

Billy Campbell frontal naked [MICROPENIS] in More tales of the City

Billy has some impressive big balls (both literally and metaphorically) showing his tiny dot penis buried between them. This was a 90s series, the scenes where dark and the actor may thought his micropenis would go unnoticed. But then came the internet era of capping. Must be embarrassing to suddenly be exposed like that…

Watch video 1:

Watch video 2:

+ BONUS: Paul Hopkins

Mark Lindsay Chapman frontal naked [CMNM] in Separate Lives

A tiny mushroom head that barely flops…

He’s desperately trying to cover his little penis…

As they wrestle, his butthole opens right at the camera….

This scene is utterly humiliating for Mark. Not only he is completely naked and getting beaten up by Jim Belushi, he has one of the tiniest dicks I have ever scene in an American movie. He is getting punched and we see his tiny dick –it can’t even flop– glued to his little balls. I have to give my congratulations to Mark for doing this scene fully naked, in front of the whole crew and another male actor. Amazing.

Watch video:

It’s just a head really…

This scene might not be very flattering, but he is actually quite charming:

Leonardo Dicaprio’s tiny penis in Total Eclipse

Leonardo had no idea he would become a hollywood star when he shot this scene and it probably still haunts him until today. He tosses all his clothes from the roof, revealing his extremely small baby cock. He hasn’t done any frontal nudity ever since. 

Watch video:

Leo showing exactly how small…